Do vault keys scale with difficulty?

So you can select difficulty when entering a vault. Normally this would only change the base gold and souls of a battle. Can devs confirm there is no point to make a vault key run harder?


I can confirm that Vault Keys do not scale with difficulty, so play it at the lowest.

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I got 5 gems, 5 diamonds and a gem key from my vault! Totally worth all the effort my guild paid to get that far. Seriously though… it’s a joke reward.


No they don’t, the vault rewards don’t scale.
I got very lucky though, 4 keys opened got the legendary gnome twice, common gnome once and 3x 100k and some other resources.

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You have got 4 Vault keys already… now i know where they have all been hiding. 68 gnomes and counting… still no vault key haha

I had two before the first nerf :')

I’m still jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup asked ozball he confirmed the difficulty change nothing

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You also get one in the raids rewards which is pretty awesome. Only reward in the raids that really was worth it for me unless you are going for spot 1 on leaderboards and want to craft Zuul