Can these Troops come from chest? (PS4)

As the title says im wondering if these cards can be got out of chest either iron or magic, im sitting at 106 cards (Goblin Rocket counts as 1 still don’t have him lol)…These are all cards from Kingdoms we have on PS4…2 are purples which really drives me bonkers lol

Crimson Bat
Keeper Of Souls
The Silent One
Jarl Firemantle
Shadow Dragon

Thanks inadvance, Happy gaming …SIn

The only ones there your platform may not have are:

Those were all event troops. If your system hasn’t had the event for any of those yet, then they probably aren’t introduced. All the others are just hard to obtain due to being legendary.

Not sure about the PS4, but know these 3 are available for XB1. I still don’t have Aziris yet, but pulled Sylvasi from an iron key, and purchased Celestasia here just recently.

The week i got into this game Celestasia was the event bought i didnt have enough glorly lol…So then after events they go in the chest huh…

Got Celestasia here also, but obviously it was not in a chest.

I will list the troops I have personally gotten below, and to be honest most of them I got from Iron Keys.

Carnex - Iron Chest
Sheggra - Iron Chest
Orion - Magic Chest
Keeper of Souls - Iron Chest
Sylvasi - Iron Chest
Shadow Dragon - Iron Chest
Moloch - Iron Chest
Jari Firemantle - Iron Chest

I have only seen 1 person with the Crimson Bat, and I am LVL 109, not sure about the Bat but I want him.

Hope this helps. Peace

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I got every troop available before 1.08 from iron keys.

In the 6 weeks or so I’ve been playing, (lvl 145) I’ve acquired 9 different Legendaries, with about 10 or so duplicates of some of them. So out of the 20 or so I’ve pulled, all but two came from iron keys. And Celestasia, who I purchased.

Aziris was an event card and so was Celestasia. I can confirm every other card is obtainable from the chests on your list but I have not received a card that was part of an event outside of the event time. I assume it’s available because I did get shadow hunter but that was during the reward week.

I’m not sure about Aziris/Celestasia, but I did get a Ragnagord from a chest, outside of his event week, which makes me hopeful.

Same here, I got Ragnagord from an chest too, actually the day after I purchased him. :confounded: Also got Shadow Hunter from chest as well. Didn’t know he was offered during a reward week. Must have been before I started playing.

I bought 2 Ragnagord, but only 1 showed up, and i still paid my glory. With Iron keys on an xb1, i received Carnex, Sheggra, Keeper of souls (omg, so cool) and a Gloom Leaf. Bought Celestasia.

After posting this I got Carnex last night and the first iron chest today got him again lol

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