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Can not promote members on PS4

Trying to do this tonight and it either freezes the game to where i have to restart my PS4 or it says “user promoted” and than it’s “no change” once you review the user you just “promoted”.

please fix, this is broken


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I’ve had this a few times too, if you restart the game (which admittedly you shouldn’t have to do) it will have promoted them to the correct rank

Unfortunately this is how it’s been lately, you get one or two promotions in and have to restart.

It saves, but to max out the promotion it has to be done twice.


All my players here are immediately maxed out with the Promotions.

Yeah i managed to get a few done but it was horrible I had to restart about 25x and ended up promoting and than demoting several times as it was moving people up more than 1 rank etc… overall it’s “broken”

Same problem on Xbox! Sometimes I can do 1 promotion and it freeze on the 2nd and sometimes it directly freeze on the 1st. While freezing, its still possible to open chat and option menus but nothing can be done, except reloading the game.

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