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Can Gems fix this? (botting)

Story time! Was bored and went to the discussion and broadcasting parts of Steam, and for whatever reason, this person was streaming themselves cheating? Anyways, I caught a video of it, reported the stream, and tried catching the attention of Support, but they never replied. I saw the same guy a few days later in one of my 3 PvP choices and I was angry, of course, to see that nothing had been done about it, so I took a screenshot to update my report with, but I guess I hadn’t saved it correctly so I dropped it for the time being and hoped that they’d resolve the issue.

It seems as if a program is running the Maps for him. Notice how the mouse keeps jumping back to the same spot in the upper left of the screen. It’s doing whatever moves, but claiming outrageous rewards that don’t match up. Player’s name in-game (and Steam name too) is liuyubobobo

I hadn’t run into the guy again until today and instead of trying to get Support’s attention, I hope you guys will help me get their attention cause it’s kinda infuriating being fired up about something and seeing nothing done about it.

The video:
(I don’t know how to edit vids, sorry for the sloppy work!)

Here he is today at rank 4.


Now, I know names are iffy in the game since technically we could all be named the same and we’d just have a different invite code, but I’m hoping the devs can investigate this. It’d be unfair for us to have to face someone who didn’t have to work for his troops/traits/souls.


How did you report it?
Go to Support
Gameplay Support
You should get an immediate email confirmation
If you used Contact Us, it doesn’t seem to get addressed.

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Also, there is live footage of a bot playing PvP right now if the devs need further info on how they work. http://steamcommunity.com/broadcast/watch/76561198068965362

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I can’t remember, but I’ll definitely try Gameplay Support later today. Thank you!