Update on the defense wins exploit

@Sirrian, Just to let you know- a few are still exploiting this.

One particular person has been weekly since you deployed the code to try and fix the problem 49 days ago.
All of the past threads have been deleted that pertained to the matter, I really hope that this one won’t be.
This is not a call out thread nor an attempt to undermine the dev. team. It would just be nice if this were to be finally resolved and not swept under the proverbial rug.

Just for reference for those not familiar with this:


I’ve been waiting for any official statement since Guilds War has been launched. Hopefully this is now the top priority for the team.


The other two defense exploits are alive and kicking as well: accounts with perfect defense record and no invades, accounts with rapid fire invade losses that do not show in their records. These may be related; not sure if anyone has come forth with how to do these like they have with the resource exploit. I have witnessed both in the past week as well.

This is part of an old screenshot that I sent to support in February, but I’ve seen this behavior in the past week:

I confronted another user about the resource exploit in chat recently. He claimed he wasn’t cheating because a dev said it was ok when he asked them. Which is completely counter to what happened with recent threads.


I SO want to know how this exploit works! Intrigue, intrigue! But no one is going to tell me the details, I guess. That’s why I’m patiently waiting for devs to fix that, after that people will get more talkative, I hope.

I saw that today


24 unique troops, and only one copy of each? This individual is going to have a bear of a time with Guild Wars.

I have 2 defenses in a row vs the same person

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Level 1154, too. What the hell

Yeah, that’s the third exploit I referenced. If you look at their profile, chances are they will not have any invade losses recorded.

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I can’t quite put my finger on this one. There has been a person that has invaded me for over 3 months, most times it’s several losses in a short amount of time and the defeats do not register as losses on their profile. At first I thought that it was somehow tied to casual pvp.
But later this person showed up for me in my ranked pvp menu. I decided to invade them and after I won it did not count as a defense loss for them. This has now happened three times so something is definitely not working as intended here.


Yeah, I’ve seen people continue to bring casual pvp up with regard to this, but it is simply not the case. When I first noticed this, it was via two accounts with suspiciously similar names that were both ranked top 20 at the time. Later noticed it from another user who was consistently ranked top 100 (and banned shortly thereafter, though now back). Had also seen this behavior from the infamous user who posted the video about the excessive matches resource exploit, who also frequented the PVP leaderboard.

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I can’t speak to three or more defenses against the same person, but I can say that I have two victories against the same person on my battle log.

I did a guild wars match, whose PVP points carried me to the next tier. I got the rewards screen for the advancement, then noticed that the PVP icon had an indicator on it from the home screen. Visited the PVP screen and got a second tier advancement notification. When I checked my battle log to see what had happened, I saw my most recent GW opponent on there twice, even though I had only beaten them once.


This seems a bit weird 5 invades with that many defends.