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Campaign Guide and Tasks (Week 10 Updated)

Also don’t forget for Deep Delver in Silver tasks :wink: With lvl 110 Delves to do.

I’d put some gems and gamble it might be Hunting Kurandara and Daemon Bane for Gold.

I think they are two wise guesses there!

I"m waiting for the bronze task to use all of your gem keys and all your event keys. Oh, and also make 4 red summoning stones.


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Some great logical anticipations above . My guess is the last hurdle will be spend $99.99 in the shop. Oh I forgot we dont talk money in this game, we never pay, its just a meaningless in game gem currency. So the task at the end will be spend 4000 gems - no worries- we dont care - we all get some worthless mythic at some er um exorbitant price - we don’t care - then we buy into the next ten week - and er um we go through the same process again - but its just gems - its just gems- it not connected to real in any way - is it ? oh shikes if it is - what the #*! have I been doing - month after month? Oh NO: There is no end to this now it has started , until the game collapses into the black hole of its own greed- I can only hope…



Dont forget event keys and summoning stones, since they’ve been in every task list.
And I would not be surprised to see 3 vault battles, 50 glory keys & 15 gem key tasks either, since this campaign is about bleeding the players and see if they notice or not.

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Sacrifice your first born to Kurandara?

Seems unlikely the final week will be more onerous than the others.

Word of Caution: As of today, any and all slackers who have yet to begin campaign will require until the final Saturday to complete Dungeon Tasks, or pay gems to skip. Another Six (6) Dungeon Task in final week would require them to pay.

My alt is only a little behind in Silver Tasks, and should have the Shentang and Karakoth Dungeon tasks done by Sunday (I tried to warn him about it, but he never listens to me).

So…many…tasks…How many is too many? Know when to say when. For the Horde

Week 10 - Urskaya


Pretty quick and straightforward week (The delve one probably took the longest) but so many tasks could be completed with this team



In fact the world event can be used to complete a lot of the tasks too, I used Razorclaw (?) weapon in the World Event and then when I got the Hammer Task I just chucked in Hammer of Urskaya for the 4 battles


Campaign Week 10 Strategy

Make sure you save the entire Adventure Board for B9, two Event Keys for B2, and a Vault Key for B8.

  1. Win 4 easy Explore Battles with an Urskaya team (B1), ideally in any Kingdom with lots of Daemons (G1).
  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).
  3. Unless you’re going to spend extra Gems on the Tuesday Faction Event, complete 3 daily Delves at L110+ (S1) – any Delve with Daemons is ideal, as is using Sentinel class (B3).
  4. If deferring the delves, complete 4 wins with Sentinel Class (B3), maximising Daemon kills (G1).
  5. Craft 1 Brown Summoning Stone (B4).
  6. Now work on killing 44 Daemons (G1), killing 13 Brown enemies (B5), and potentially matching 300 Brown Gems (S2) with Mountain Crusher.
  7. Switch to a Hammer for 15 wins (S3) and Bear Banner for 4 wins (B6), when appropriate.
  8. Now do 3 Urskaya Explore runs at D10+ (S4). This should also get you a kill on Kurandara (B7) – also possible in the World Event.
  9. Use a Vault Key to kill a Treasure Gnome (B8).
  10. Do the entire Adventure Board (B9) – just in case, don’t do any of its battles until now.
  11. Once your Daemons are done (G1), switch to Ranked PvP for 22 battles (G2), and earn 5 Glory (B10).

Remember to set your Guild Wars defences!

  1. If you deferred your L110 Delves (S1), you’ll need to buy at least Tier II, and maybe Tier III.
  2. Complete S2-4 as in steps 6 to 8, above – low-D Explore.

To help out other players, set a PvP defence team of 4 Gorgothas! Other good choices are including Kurandara (if you have her, you rich bastard :stuck_out_tongue:), or a Daemon summoner such as Erinyes. Obviously, use an off-colour banner to help your opponent win. And don’t do this for your Guild Wars defences!


Got both done while doing explore runs in urskaya -> killed Kurandara and Treasue Gnome without need of spending VK :wink:

Thx again, for great work to put all the tasks from all 10 weeks on forum. It was quite usefull in some weeks and allowed for min-maxing efforts to have them done.

Thx for posting tactics for min-maxing. I bet there were at least few people who found them usefull.


Thank you to @Hawx and everyone else in the thread giving team ideas, etc. Really appreciate the time saved with the information you provided!


did we ever get a 2 day delve task? Or is it a possible gold task?

we did not. we will see in next campaign (tasks might change = new annoying ones might get added)