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Campaign 4 Guide (Week 10 updated)

A new Campaign has started and at reset each week you can find below a Campaign task guide. There is also a column which gives you an idea of how to complete the task quickly if you are pushed for time, or perhaps just new to Gems of War. Please feel free to share with your guildmates and to share any teams or tips you find helpful.

Week 1 - Blackhawk

Week 2 - Wild Plains

Week 3 - Shentang

Week 4 - Drifting Sands

Week 5 - Sin of Maraj

Week 6 - Silverglade

Week 7 - Whitehelm

Week 8 - Sword’s Edge (and a fancy new style graphic :heart_eyes: )

Week 9 - Swords Edge

Week 10 - Leonis Empire


Campaign 4 Week 1 Strategy

A new Campaign, and a new Mythic tax. Nonetheless, the regular Campaign Pass is probably the best value in the game.

This week is pretty straightforward, though you do have a couple of options. Make sure to save the Adventure Board (B7) and 2 Event Keys (B9). The Dungeon is useful for S2.

  1. Use a Vault Key to kill 3 Treasure Gnomes (S1).

  2. Win 4 Battles in a single Arena run (B1).

  3. You can delay killing the Kraken 5 times (G1), but there are advantages to doing it now, either in the World Event or Casual PvP.

  4. Match 4+ Gems 22 times (B2) while hunting the Kraken.

  5. Get 45 Blue kills (S2) while hunting the Kraken, and in Monday’s Blue Dungeon.

  6. Once they’re unlocked, use the Corsair Class for 4 wins (B3) and the Kraken Banner (NBp) for 15 wins (S3).

  7. Explore Blackhawk once at D1+ (B4) while starting on 44 Merfolk kills (G2).

  8. Use a Blackhawk team for 4 wins (B5). The World Event or fast Merlantis Explore are good options.

  9. Use a Missile weapon for 4 wins (B6). Again, keep killing those Merfolk in Merlantis.

  10. Complete one Adventure Board (B7).

  11. Earn 200 Gold in battle (B8). Either continue with G2, or start your weekly PvP.

  12. Open 2 Event Chests (B9).

  13. Craft 1 Brown Summoning Stone (B10).

  14. Complete 3 Treasure Hunts with 60+ turns (S4).

Remember to set your Guild Wars defences.

For your regular PvP defence, help people out by setting 4 Krakens on defence (Blue Merfolk are too dangerous, and are easy to find in Merlantis): [6275,6275,6275,6275,3010,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14027]


I’m glad we have a 1-day campaign task completion (without spending gems to skip tasks) on a Guild Wars week. It may only be week 1 but I’ll take every stat boost I can get for Guild Wars battles.

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Week 2 - Wild Plains




Campaign 4 Week 2 Strategy

Sadly, this week’s campaign is pretty inefficient. You’ll want to hang on to 25 Glory Keys (B3), 1 Vault Key (S2), 1 Daily Delve Sigil (B4), 2 Event Keys (B5), and the Adventure Board (B9). Some of the restricted tasks would benefit from the Dungeon and Pet Rescues.

To start, you need to choose between PvP, Wild Plains fast Explore and the World Event.

  1. Use an Axe weapon for 4 wins (B1), while matching 300 Green Gems in battle (S1), and getting 44 Tauros kills (G1).

  2. Win 4 Ranked PvP Battles (B2).

  3. Open 25 Glory Chests (B3).

  4. Use a Vault Key to kill 3 Treasure Gnomes (S2).

  5. Get 45 Green kills (S3) without really bothering to seek them out.

  6. Complete 1 Delve at Level 30+ (B4).

  7. Open 2 Event Chests (B5)

  8. Earn 1,000 Gold in battle (S4), without even trying.

  9. Use the Shaman Class for 4 wins (B6).

  10. Use a Wild Plains team for 4 wins (B7), potentially in the Dungeon or a Pet Rescue, or even on the Adventure Board, so long as you don’t complete it.

  11. Explore Wild Plains once at D2+ (B8).

  12. Kill Chief Stronghorn 5 times (G2). Your best bet is refreshing Casual PvP or the World Event.

  13. Complete one Adventure Board (B9).

  14. Use the Horned Banner (GR) for 4 wins (B10) – works fine with Skeleton Key in Ranked PvP.

To help out other players, it’s probably best to set your PvP Defence to 4x Chief Stronghorn. [6466,6466,6466,6466,3002,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,14033]

Week 3 - Shentang

Team Code I mention is:




Campaign 4 Week 3 Strategy

This week, you’ll need to save Monday’s Dungeon (B6), but can use the Adventure Board whenever you most need easy battles (S2). Fit the Bronze tasks in amongst the Gold and Silvers.

  1. Start by setting up a team that uses the Lantern Banner (YRg) for 22 wins (G1) and the Monk Class for 15 wins (S1). Use it wherever you can – probably fast Explore, Pet Rescue and PvP.

  2. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B1).

  3. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).

  4. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B3), probably by adding a Soul troop to your team.

  5. Open 25 Glory Chests (B4).

  6. Get 13 Purple kills (B5), probably in Silverglade or Ghulvania.

  7. Win 3 Dungeon battles (B6).

  8. Once you have your Monk wins, switch to a full Shentang team for 15 wins (S2). The Adventure Board is a good option for this.

  9. Explore Shentang once at D3+ (B7).

  10. Craft 1 Yellow Summoning Stone (B8).

  11. Once you have your Banner wins, switch to a Mace weapon for 22 wins (G2). Daily Delves or your weekly Ranked PvP are good options.

  12. Kill Yao Guai once (B9), either in PvP or the World Event.

  13. Get 9 Daemon kills (B10), either in the World Event or fast Exploring Blighted Lands/Sin of Maraj.

  14. Match 300 Yellow Gems in battle (S3).

  15. Finally, win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S4).

To help out other players, set your PvP Defence to Yao Guai and 3 harmless, Purple Daemons, such as Daemon Gnome or Sibyl of Lust: [6418,6931,6642,6642,3062,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033] (Blackhawk banner also works).


Week 4 - Drifting Sands

[6156,6156,6156,1091,3024,2,1,3,3,1,3,3,14023] - Team Code


Here’s the link to my forum post with instructions on how you can get these guides delivered automatically to your discord server at weekly reset :smile:

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Campaign 4 Week 4 Strategy

This week’s Campaign stretches over 2 days, but that’s actually handy, as you can do the Delve task entirely during the Faction Event. You’ll need to save your Adventure Board (S1) and a Vault Key (B7), and I would also save the Dungeon for B3-5.

  1. Open 50 Gold Chests (B1).

  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).

  3. Build a team with a Jewellery weapon for 22 wins (G1) and initially using the Desert Banner (NY) for 4 wins (B3). I recommend starting off in the Dungeon, but anywhere you can swing it will do.

  4. Build a Drifting Sands team for 4 wins (B4), starting on the Adventure Board (S1 – you’ll need a second Adventure Board to complete the task).

  5. Switch to just the Dervish Class for 4 wins (B5), if you need, while staying on the Adventure Board.

  6. Craft 1 Brown Summoning Stone (B6).

  7. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B7).

  8. Kill The Great Maw once (B8). You can find it in the World Event, Drifting Sands Explore, or very likely in Casual PvP.

  9. Once you have your Jewellery kills, explore Drifting Sands 5 times at D4+ (G2), simultaneously working towards 13 Yellow kills (B9), then 9 Monster kills (B10).

  10. On Tuesday, do the Adventure Board a second time (S1).

  11. Complete 3 Treasure Hunts with 60+ turns (S2).

  12. Complete 3 Delves at Level 50+ (S3) during the Faction Event.

  13. Match 300 Brown Gems in battle (S4) wherever suits.

To help out other players, set your PvP Defence team to one Great Maw and 3 Bastite Priestesses: [6160,6299,6299,6299,3021,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033]

Remember to keep your Glory and Gem Keys for Friday’s new Mythic. And use your Event Keys for this week’s new Legendary troop.


Looks like we are back to 2 days of Adventure Board for the silver task.

Good thing those delves go smoothly with the faction assault :slight_smile: And is that 3x treasure hunt I’m seeing :heart:


I don’t think they ever went away. It just so happens they decided to do it this week.

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Week 5 - Sin of Maraj

Team Code:



Campaign 4 Week 5 Strategy

This week’s Campaign is kind of annoying, but at least it can be done on the first day of the week. Your main choice is whether to use 1 Vault Key or 2 – I’m going to opt for the latter, but it doesn’t actually speed things up all that much.

Make sure to save 2 Vault Keys (S2, B9), 2 Event Keys (B4), the Dungeon (B5) and 1 Daily Delve Sigil (B6). And use the very easy Adventure Board (and any Pet Rescues) for team-restricted tasks (S1, G2, and especially B10).

Ideally, you want to have a flexible team, where you can progressively switch in the Doomsayer Class, a Tome weapon and the Meteor Banner (RNp).

  1. You first use the Doomsayer Class for 15 wins (S1), and kill Lust 5 times (G1). Casual PvP is usually best, but the World Event and Sin of Maraj Explore are also options. You’re also looking for 13 Red kills (B1) – Pridelands or Adana fast Explore, in a pinch.

  2. Once you’re done with Lust, add a Tome weapon to your team for 22 wins (G2). This is a good opportunity to do your weekly PvP, if you have a sufficiently flexible team to carry Doomsayer and a Tome. Otherwise, fast Explore.

  3. Complete 1 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns (B2).

  4. Switch to the Meteor Banner (RNp) for 4 wins (B3).

  5. Use a Vault Key to win 1 Vault battle (S2). This is a new one.

  6. Open 2 Event Chests (B4).

  7. Win 3 Dungeon battles (B5).

  8. Get 30 Daemon kills (S3), which I would pair up with completing 1 Delve at Level 60+ (B6), to get started. Depths of Sin guarantees 8 Daemons, while Fell Roost has at least 6, and Duergaroth has 3. The World Event also has heaps of Daemons.

  9. Craft 1 Red Summoning Stone (B7).

  10. Match 90 Red Gems in battle (B8).

  11. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B9).

  12. Use a Sin of Maraj team for 4 wins (B10) – probably the best time to use the Adventure Board.

  13. Explore Sin of Maraj 3 times at D5+ (S4).

To help out other players, set your PvP Defence (NOT Guild Wars defences) to Lust and 3 Sybils of Lust: [6605,6642,6642,6642,3026,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,14033] (Stonesong Eyrie’s banner (NYp) is better, if you have it.)


hmmm, what is this about helping other players, is there more pvp points available from opponents from the weekly kingdoms? interesting…

Creating a team designed to attract attention and lose still gives you rewards for each loss and also increases your chances of getting a revenge battle against the person which earns you more glory. You might also get some free thank you honor.

It also gives you, the person battling in PvP, easy targets for PvP and helps you complete campaign tasks so it works both ways. Although multiple Lusts is a bit of a pain if you aren’t prepared for it (bring Obsidius or something else that can stun), and some defense teams weaponize it with Fire Bombs and Orbweaver/Thief summons.


This task is an expensive one, for those who didn’t save any vault keys from the last extra-gnome weekend !

EDIT: Or, I suppose one could get one from Tuesday’s faction assault, if you’re willing to wait a day to finish the campaign tasks?

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If you are out of keys, Reward Portal 3 in the World Event has a Vault Key up for grabs


If you only had one Vault Key, you could certainly have waited for the two tasks to line up. Should I have emphasised that more strongly?

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