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Hawx's Campaign & World Event Graphics Announcement Channels

My Discord Server now has some new announcement channels

You can follow the campaign channel to get my weekly campaign guide delivered automatically to your discord server at weekly reset. This is perfect for Guild Masters and server admins who have a designated campaign channel on their server. No need to go searching, copying and pasting anymore :tada:

You can also subscribe to the different language campaign channels for localised versions too! This has been made possible by the wonderful @gary_dils and his awesome Garyatrics Bot.

Hawx’s Flight School server also has a World Event announcement channel that you can follow to get my World Event graphics automatically delivered to your server at weekly reset too.

I will be continuing to post my graphics here on the forum and on GoW Alliance Discord but I’d love to see you over at the flight school… We have a great GoW themed meme channel too :wink: