Campaign Begins: Seal of Kurandara

Your weapons dont get consumed for Dawnbringer. It is entirely possible you just have to have them.


I seem to recall a data string from the game files specifically warning about troops getting consumed as part of crafting. It might only eat up Heart of Rage though.

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10 minutes in explore , Difficulty 2 fast team sunbird,hero,fire bomb,maraji

The task does not include battlecrashers. So how would that help in defeating gnomes? As I understand it, a gnome showing up in battle counts as a battlecrasher.

No, there are “battlecrasher” events where the crasher drops 500 gold, 40 souls or whatever. As opposed to a regular gnome that has a much larger drop table.

I didn’t get any codes. Neither did my Alt.

If I was willing to pay 10$, what’s an extra 1? I need a Mythic to advance Urskaya. I need 299 Purple foods to feed my pets. But the extra dollar tax for playing on Xbox feels like a middle finger extended my direction.

Returned to sender. Tanks gave me 8 free premium tanks as rewards this past month. I’ll play that. And Minecraft Dungeons. And Guild Wars.

Screw your campaign 505.


Regading the Xbox promotion, it’s best to contact 505. We didn’t release these and don’t have a way to ensure you get one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Quick update for you all!

Just a quick update on the wrong mythic being pulled situation…

I mentioned this on Stream, and said I’d reiterate on the forums. We sent out 2 VIP keys per incorrect pull. On top of this, the handful of players that did get the new mythic incorrectly will have a random mythic sent to them. We sent the 2 keys out ASAP, then waited until more people were online today to continue discussing the compensation. That means these players get the keys already mailed, and a new random mythic troop to replace the one that was removed.

If you were one of the people that was affected by this and upgraded any of these troops, please contact our support and we will help you.


Since it’s only a handful. I’m sure y’all won’t mind checking their collection to make sure they don’t already own the Mythic that you will be sending them. Obviously if they have all the ones in chests already then that’s not possible. But the effort to check would mean a lot to the community I’m sure. Since a handful of people surely can’t take up too much time.

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What about the people who don’t check the forums and got their mythic removed? Do they get compensated too?
And let me say that this is absolutely the right way to do this, the first attempt was ridiculous.

Now you’re getting excessive. The mythic would be random from the chest too, this compensation is fine the way it is.

Any word on this? Would love to know why Xbox One is being charged $0.99 more for the Elite Pass and $2.49 for the Elite+ Pass and only receiving $9.99 and $24.99 worth of VIP points respectively.


@HeliosNull we already sent the mythics to everyone affected. I wanted to mention on the forum in case anyone upgraded their mythic to contact us separately.

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Is it right that the glory earned from delve battle is not counted to Glory Hound task?


That is how it has always worked. The text is wrong.


@orangeink: it’s arguably not ‘right’, but it’s working as intended


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Delve battles award “Delve Glory” as room reward, which isn’t quite the same as “Glory”. This is intentional, “Delve Gold” and “Delve Souls” also don’t count as “Gold” and “Souls” to not get boosted by your armor or VIP bonus. For “Glory” you have to fight PvP battles, or possibly wait for a Battlecrasher event awarding 5 Glory.


Does the artifact bonus apply to the entire team or only to the hero?

Thanks all. Then the wording need to be changed. For me, the glory is still earned by winning a devel battle, regardless how you call it.


The entire team.

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There are other resource related tasks, like collecting a given number of souls, they also won’t progress with delve room rewards.

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