Campaign Begins: Seal of Kurandara

skipping only silver 1 (not needed,is 2 days task)


To piggy back this, they also made it clear some where that using Vault Keys during Vault weekends does not effect the drop rate to get more vault keys nor better rewards.

So there wasn’t possibly any ill intent with the vault weekend.

It just formulates the opinion that they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
So why even try to do something nice for the community?


whats the complete lore?

Fair point. A lot of players dump Vault keys during Gnome weekends, so that was forefront on my mind. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt here :slight_smile:

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Artifact bonuses for currect event:

lvl 1 → 5 hp
lvl 2 → 10 hp
lvl 3 → 10 hp, 2 magic
lv 4 → 10 hp, 3 attack, 2 magic
lvl 5 → 10 hp, 3 attack, 5 def, 2 magic
lvl 6 → 15 hp, 3 attack, 5 def, 2 magic
lvl 7 → 15 hp, 3 attack, 5 def, 4 magic
lvl 8 ->15 hp, 3 attack, 5 def, 6 magic
lvl 9 ->15 hp, 6 attack, 5 def, 6 magic
lvl 10 → 20 hp, 6 attack, 5 def, 6 magic

So the rewards haven’t been buffed at all?


Rewards and Artifact appear exactly the same as the Preview.


Ok, so if I got this correct… on week 1, you’re tasked to use 2 event keys.

You only get 2 event keys in the free pass. (550, 850)

So either the other 9 weeks, you might not spend event keys or more likely, you’ll be going negative on event keys for campaigns.



Yes, you might be negative on event keys in this campain.
We dont know what the rewards will be for next campains, so it’s to early to speak if we will be negative on it anyway.

It would be great if there were no impossible to finish tasks. There is a task to do SIX dungeon battles, unfortunately you may only do THREE dungeon battles. If you do your 3 dungeon battles you would still have to do 3 more to finish the task. 6-3=3>0


Okay, forget the math. Just please lets not have a dungeon task.

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So you do three more dungeon battles tomorrow. It’s not like the tasks reset at the end of the day. Or even the week.


2020-07-20 (1)
What does kingdom team mean in this case? Is it pure kingdom troops team? Can i use a hero? Do i have to use Maugrim Woods weapon?

The wording should really be more precise


probably weapon doesn’t matter (as next task requires using bow type weapon), but hero class might matter

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You are correct, sir. 3 troops and Warden class was the key

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The lack of polish in this new mode is just bad.

Tedious to keep checking campaign to cash in a bronze task. Which btw forgets to mention pressing the correct key to collect it.

Would be nice if I could collect task and see next task in battle screen.


Please tell me that you don’t have to use an extremely valuable vault key (or gems to skip) to do this one. Please tell me you can find a Treasure gnome defense team in PVP for this.

I’d like to think they’re not intentionally coming up with ways to screw players over, but it’s getting harder every day not to.


skims through thread

Okay, so… save my $10 and definitely save my $25… got it. Just how much money do they want us to spend on this game? Campaign passes? Flash deals for two weeks? Monthly Ring of Wonder for $20…

I get it, I play Gems of War A LOT, but I don’t feel like I’m getting an A+ title that I should be shelling $50 out for a month.


Don’t you need a second one, even if you paid for the campaign? I had the impression one of your Kurandara gets consumed if you craft Enraged Kurandara?

No one knows at this point.

Would be nice if you could share the whole level 1 lore…it got cutted down