Moving on (but thread will be left to remember, otherwise history will repeat it's self.)

For those that don’t know. When you “roll” a mythic troop. It first selects that you are getting a mythic troop and then selects which mythic troop you will receive.

If that wasn’t the case then every single mythic troop added to the game would increase your chances of getting a mythic. While the other 5 troops added a month would lower your chances. Neither scenario exists.

I don’t have a degree in RNG, but I’m getting sick of being told how players are bad at math when the devs keep indicating that they aren’t experts in the field either.

Therefore the players who received a mythic troop accidentally (at no fault of their own mind you.) Would have received a different mythic troop instead.

What they actually got…2 vip keys and told “they’ve been well compensated”.

I’m stupified by this… And though it doesn’t effect me personally. I feel sick for even spending another $10 on such out of touch with their own product company.

If I say I accidentally purchased the elite pass and it’s my own fault. It’s only fair for you to reimburse me back $100 right? You know since your company policy is to compensate those who make the mistake and screw over those who did nothing wrong.


Here’s to hoping this word spreads fast and loud: and that it’s not forgotten no matter what this company does to ‘make up’ for this.

Also: I will gladly and generously offer the Devs 2 Vip keys (even 3!) to remove a Mythic from their account.
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Precedent should matter @Devs.

He wasn’t given 2 vip keys for mistakenly given a Sacred Treasure instead of a real mythic. He was given Gaards Avatar.


Further precedent for the argument "once compensation is sent out the matter is over "…not so fast slick Devvy.


That was years ago. Welcome to 5.0, with revamped support:

  • Free Support Pass owners will arbitrarily get items removed from their inventory every once in a while.
  • Elite Support Pass owners ($10 each month, 1 ticket each week) will arbitrarily get item removed from their inventory only half as often and receive a “generous compensation” plus a condescending reply.
  • Elite+ Support Pass owners ($10 each day, unlimited tickets) will be treated like a normal player in other games.

This is exactly why I broke down the financials. It’s all about the revenue vs the care afforded to the playerbase.

Notice everything that needs fixing is missed with 5.0. It’s put on ice - the hope that kills scenario…

Start looking at the quality of your product please.

We still have the Mech Gnome bug, there since release.


Lets not forget the mess that was guild guardians in gold keys…
A lot of people (myself included) wasted a major ascension orb or 2 on a common statue. Others? 10,000 gold keys…
What was the dev’s response?
Oh, we just removed them from gold keys :man_shrugging:.
Consistency, where art thou.


Happy ending


They didn’t just pull a mythic. They pulled a mythic they didn’t own already. Getting a duplicate troop would be no compensation at all.

Knowing the mechanisms involved that’s not quite accurate, if you are interested I can explain the details. Compensating with a random mythic is technically fair, on a “the least they could do” level. They also sort of threw in two VIP keys, so the whole package is actually pretty good.


Which is exactly what a company should do when they are the ones that screw something up.
You, and many others, remember back in the Gem Age of GoW. If they screwed up, they gave out gems. If you were first to report a bug. Gems.
Then 505 cracked down on their asses and (I suspect) sent someone to monitor them. They are still operating under most of the policies that came with the Angel of Death. But hopefully last weekend and now shows that we are headed for a more balanced relationship between player and Developer.

They don’t have to give out gems like candy.
But they don’t need to be stingy either.

If a company screws up, then they should compensate the parties affected. It’s better to over compensate, than to under compensate. Simple as that. :man_shrugging:


This is one of the 30 reasons I’m still VIP 0
Spending money on this game doesn’t feel like supporting the game, it feels like saying it’s ok to make mistakes every time something is released and don’t worry about learning from them