Campaign Begins: Seal of Kurandara

If I complete all 10 weeks of tasks and on the very last day I choose to spend the $9.99, ahem $10.99, will I still receive all 10 weeks worth of rewards?

This is precisely how it worked in the beta. You should be able to buy the Elite Pass any time and not miss anything.


I will do the campaign tasks this time…at least this 1st week…dont really know why. As I dont plan to buy the Elite pass, I realize there is approximately nothing good in rewards except a few skill points with the artifacts so why play the campaign then? :thinking:

Trying to create money with air, thats magic!


I’m having trouble finding Abynissia. Does anyone know where I can find her for the “Hunting Abynissia” task?

Blighted Lands Explore Mythic battle. And the event.

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Quite a number of players have her as PvP defense

so you have 3 options out there:

  1. event- abynissia battle
  2. explore in bligthed lands- mythic fights (so you need to get 300 mythstones for 3 battles)
  3. do some pvp battles. many people have put her on defense to help others do thier quest

Thanks for the info. Do you mean the Infernal Invasion? Because i can’t find any event with Abynissia

the light blue mythic battle will pop up with her in it.

Yes, Infernal Invasion.
if you dont see Abynissia battle, than do any of battles that you have - she should roll eventually in there.
If you’re out of sigils, than either wait for tomorrow and new sigils or try other 2 options (explore/pvp).

Since you still seem to have difficulty with the exchange rate for USD to USD on Xbox, let me help you. It is 1:1. For example, $9.99 USD should be $9.99 USD; not $10.99 USD.


In Europe we have to pay 11 Euros on PS4, so ~13 Dollars…

We understand how exchange rates work, and I’m sorry for the frustration. We don’t set the exchange rates on some of our console ports. However, we are speaking to 505 about this issue now to see what can be done, and how we can communicate best with first party.

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I bought the elite pass, but after i talked to some people, i feel that the reward for the free pass is so lousy
can’t you guys sprinkle some diamonds to it? maybe like 3-4k diamonds here and there over the 10 weeks long quest for the free pass?


Uh, I’m having some doubts this will come to pass. However, I’d appreciate if Free Pass players could at least get the resources back they need to spend on completing campaign tasks. Like the jewels required to craft Summoning Stones, the low rarity troops obtained are worthless to most. Jewels are really a bottleneck resource for several other crafting recipes considered highly useful, like Doomed weapons, having to waste them to unblock your campaign doesn’t exactly promote good feelings.



Am I right in thinking we will have a new weapon each week of every campaign (until all are complete) that is only craftable in the forge?

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Buying any pass before week 5 minimum is a bad idea. As yet we don’t know if tasks week by week are even doable
Bear in mind that 1 task already required event keys. If you spend that 10 bucks and hit a wall due to resource famine then it’s a 100 gems a pop. By late campaign you may be overspent and miss the mythic that you thought was guaranteed. This is a massive trap. Don’t be naive


If you mean those epic weapons aimed at beginners that were introduced with the 5.0 patch, those are unrelated to campaigns. There’s a weekly event kingdom (last week was Pan’s Vale, this week is Maugrim Woods), during the week most weapons belonging to that kingdom are up for crafting in the Soulforge. Event kingdoms aren’t on a “fair” rotation, some kingdoms haven’t been event kingdom for over a year, so some weapons can take very long to get unless you pay for them.

doomed blade? XD yes i’m also waiting for it

I see, so depends if already released.

However I don’t think we have many of these weapons in game?

75 Diamonds for each one, plus 300 jewels and 3 Celestials.

So next week, World Event goes to Ghulvania and there is a weapon ‘Mace of Ghulvania’ in the spoilers (undated). The chances are we get that next week.

So 75 Diamonds wipes out the Sunday gathering of Diamonds by paying 50 gems, less 5… If it’s on a weekly basis each week until we have all 34 of these Epic weapons, then it’s a huge nerf to the aquisition of Diamonds, and not least jewels, which on top of the tasks to use jewels means there will be a shortfall in 2 resources for some time.

So, unless you have a complete collection of troops you have a problem. Your Diamonds per Mythic cycle will reduce by 375 Diamonds. I know we have a Broken Spire weapon, (without checking) but is that about it? So in other words, if you want the weapons for Kingdom progression you will need so spend 32 x 75 - 2,400 Diamonds and 9,600 jewels of varying colours to just do that.

I hope I’m wrong…

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