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Callouts are not allowed

It only paused for about 20 seconds where he went to his troops list to ascend Raven, then it started pouring in again.

This went on for at least 5 minutes.

My guess would be using thousands of glory keys at once.

I often save up keys until I have 5000 or more and drop them all at once. I have 3500 right now and am waiting for the new kingdom to drop mine, but that’s what the log looks like when I drop all those keys at once.

But how fast could he possibly be clicking for it to scroll that fast? It was as if every chest had a legendary or mythic in it. It was consistent and extremely fast. For reference, he got 4 legendary troops in betwen the time I said “oh come on” and “dude how…?” which was maybe a 5 second lapse.

As @ssazix pointed out, there’s a number of explanations that don’t involve cheating.

More importantly, calling people out on the forums is a no-no, so I’m locking this thread.