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Buying a PS4 Pro, does existing PS4 account migrate?

I’ve been playing more than a year on PS4 and have made decent progress on that console (high 800s). I am about to upgrade to a PS4 Pro. Will my account sync when I open GOW on the new machine, or is there something I need to do to make that happen? I don’t want to lose my progress.

I saw the instructions for linking an account on the server to transfer to another device, but these seemed to apply to PC/mobile. I haven’t found an area on the PS4 where I can enter my invite code and password like the screenshots show.

Advice appreciated! Thanks!

It will. I run gems on two different playstations in my house. All you need to do is reinstall the game on your pro with the same psn account and your good to go.


Excellent news! Thanks!

The game should be linked to your PlayStation Network profile, so signing into the same Playstation Network account on another PS4 should link it up automatically. We have had a report or two that going to a PS4 Pro may cause it to not link correctly, but if that does happen, contact Support and they will get it working for you - https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new