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Pc/ps4 link accounts

so i’m playing gems of war for a while on ps4.
and i wanted to play on pc to. seems like you cant play on your account from ps4 on pc?
you cant link accounts?

Unfortunately linking between PS4 or Xbox and PC/Mobile is currently impossible due to legal restrictions from Sony and Microsoft :frowning:


Yeah and dont hold your breath for thatbto change either… Both sony and microsoft are big meanies

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I started off playing on PS4 and had to pretty much give up and start over on pc/mobile so i could play while not at home.

well that was my plan to. wanted to play on laptop. just dont want to start all over again. its a free game i dont understand why sony and microcrap have to be a dick about it

From what I understand it has to do with the Microsoft/PS Store". Since you can purchase items for the game through their stores, they don’t want to mix ecosystems. For instance, they don’t want you buying something on discount for the game from the Steam store on PC and then porting those purchased goods over and playing with them on PS4/Xbone.

Sucks, I know. But that’s how I understand it and like said before, it’s unlikely to change. The only way I could ever see it changing is if they remove all purchasable items from the game, which will never happen (as there won’t be a game if they did that, hah).

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is it possible to do this for at least the players VIP level and hero level ? im able to play max payne 3, GTA 5 on xbox, playstation and pc with all 3 accounts linked to the same Rockstar games social club account, EA games can do this too :grinning: i have level 14 vip in my steam account but play xbox nowdays im not asking for the whole sync just main profile data if you like. Maybe independant account that the game asks you to connect to upon loading ? It can be done they just cant be arsed =)

I’m new to GoW community. I play on my PS4 for around 3 weeks time and I really enjoy the game. I would like to know is there a chance to link this with PC version, that I have just installed. The main problem is that on PC game asks me about my username and password which can be found on “other devices”, still I can’t found this on ps4.

Is there any solution to link those two together? I don’t want to lose my progress and start from scratch :frowning:

This is still the case.

You could always go Play Anywhere on Xbox to have the two sync up although I believe that would involve switching the game to a UWP app and whether current accounts would carry over to that or not, I dunno.

I would rather keep the cheaters limited to pc. It’s a trade off, I cannot go there and they cannot come to consol.

Not sure what restrictions legally there might be as there are many other games that cross between PC/XBox/PS especially with item malls. Examples being DC Universe Online, Star Trek Online. These are of course not the only games that bridge into various platforms using a item mall. So it is something that is doable, how easy is another matter. As well as how much will it cost. Though the amount of work it will take is not in question here as far as I see. Nor is the cost of doing said action. What is being asked is if it is possible and with a item mall. And that answer is it is possible. Other titles bridge across other platforms all with a item mall without being hindered. And yes the above games all have linked communities and games and item malls.

Even a quote from that states ‘Any title that wants to update their game to include cross-network play, any title that wants to launch soon and take advantage of that, we are ready’.

So it makes me wonder why a developer holds to MS and PS will not play nice. When its already working with some games in that way. It made a mention that even Rocket League works that way, I know it, just never played it.