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Burn and Freeze and Entangled Revision

As per logic, when a frozen troop is burned, it should remove freeze. This is because, in reality, the flames would melt the ice, allowing you to move freely again, but still seeing that you feel the effects of immolation. Likewise, if a troop is on fire, they should have immunity from freeze. Maybe a new status effect called “Cryostasis” should be implemented as a gel of Freeze and Burn; immobilizing troops after 4+ moves, but also dealing 5 damage over time per turn since it is a deep freeze (or an ice burn (OR a freezer burn)).

I would also like to see burn revert the confines of entangle, since the fire would disintegrate the vines.


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This is troublingly pointless.

Well, in the grand scheme, isn’t everything pointless? I find your pointless troubles troubling.

If we start applying logic to everything then everything in this game goes down in flames.

On a serious note, I’d like the status effects to work properly before tweaking them.

Damn, less chat, more memes!


Anyways, the “/s” at the end of the post is meant to signify that this is satire/sarcasm…


I frequent Reddit, well aware of what /s means

Well I don’t, so the explanation of /s is appreciated


No wonder we can always count on you for our dank meme fix!



I get very little from Reddit, most of my stuff I can make myself with a meme generator

if ever such mechanic to add then id prefer burn/freeze to replace each other as of - when getting burned remove freeze, when gettign frozen remove burn.
and then while at it could try to balance out more of pairs of debuffs
but that kind of thing is not necesary now as we rarely get too many debuffs stacked at once
id see this idea get revised after we got some new meta troop that would mass debuff with a variety of random debuffs somehow.

This would passively debuff some troops. I can not remember the name of the troop that can add 5ish debuffs to an enemy.

Dragonette says hi.

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dragonette is no meta, if it was aeo + random 1-5 status effect then it would be something around the meta i ment

I’d like to see frozen changed. Currently, if you have say two purple troops and one of them is frozen, you don’t get an extra turn. How about you get an extra turn if you have an unfrozen troop of that colour? Or, as a compromise, you get an extra turn if there is a non-frozen troop of that colour above the frozen one?

concerning non-skull gem matches - id like to get frozen proc only when mana goes to the frozen troop, and if it goes to not-frozen troops only then dont loose the turn!

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That works too!