The problem with FROZEN status

This is an example from a random match but applies to all mana situations.

I have troops in the 2nd/3rd slot that both draw yellow mana. Now the troop in the second spot is frozen but has it’s mana completely charged. I pull off a +5 yellow mana match that goes to my 3rd troop (because my second troop is fully charged and cannot draw anymore yellow mana.) However, because my second troop is frozen, I didn’t get an extra turn, even though my 3rd troop is unaffected by frozen.

This is ridiculous. Frozen is already very powerful, as it prevents chains/cascades. My 3rd troop was unaffected by frozen. I shouldn’t of been punished and should of been allowed to continue my turn.

I can understand IF my second troop receives mana from that +5 yellow match, then frozen kicks in and ends the chain, but that’s not what happened.

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That’s how frozen works. That color or colors are frozen, regardless.


That’s a really lame answer.

For an unaffected troop to somehow be affected by color association, even though that troop isn’t frozen, doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps Frozen should be revisited/revised

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Frozen status applies to your entire team. You may not like it, but that’s the way it works.


Yeah @RiverSong is right. Think of mana as something that must pass through troops from top to bottom (based on color). Just because one of your top troops is full and doesn’t need any more mana, the new mana still flows through them and thus, if they are frozen, any mana they use get’s affected.

I think of it as colors being frozen instead of troops. In my head I say “Oh red and yellow are frozen” instead of “Oh Valkyrie is frozen”.


I think frozen is fine the way it is. I like to think of it as the color being frozen rather than the troop, as others have said. This is one of the only punishing/useful effects other than stun and death mark. I think the power is appropriate to the current state of the game.


there is not very much good troops with frozen.
but gosh how I hate queen mab trait.
even worse if she is in team with khorvash and guardian.
it’s just annoying

it seem working as intended,

however i agree its counterintuitive and would be cool to have frozen skipping turn only if mana goes to the actually frozen unit


I had the idea of having a stacking freeze debuff.

Frost is the first layer and cleanses on an extra turn. If the same troop gets frosted again, then it gets frozen. Mab would have her third trait only frost, but troops like ice witch could keep her freeze. I wanna say Borealis would frost something like 6 times, freezing two and frosting the other two.

Also change the freeze visual to only be around the mana colors, not the troop if it is going to effect the colors not the troop.

it affects the troop as well (not only mana colors):

  • if troop spell effect has extra turn in it - and the troop casts its spell while being frozen - it will not trigger actual extra turn

  • if a frozen troop deals skull damage of 4+ skull match it will not trigger and actual extra turn

cool idea, may need to debate about how would frosted remove-self other then being triggered by extra turn, also if frosted removes itself by extra turn - that extra turn is not actually givem right?

Frost cleanses when an extra turn is made, either from a spell or gem match. And yes it would cancel out the extra turn. But frozen would work as it does now, canceling extra turns until it cleanses.

so frosted would never auto-cleanse at a start of the turn?

2 add two things to this discussion:
If your 2nd yellow card is frozen, and you make a 4/5er that fills the 1st (non frozen) card, you also lose your extra turn.

If you make a 4/5er skull match, you also lose your extra turn.
This seems odd, as this is not a mana color…

Now I could be wrong on both, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen both occur…

That is correct and intended behavior. While a given troop is Frozen:

  1. Any Extra Turn due to a 4+ match of any of the troop’s colors will be suppressed, regardless of where the mana goes;
  2. Any explicit Extra Turn provided by that troop’s spell (e.g., Goblins) will be suppressed; and
  3. If the Frozen troop is the lead troop then any Extra Turn due to a 4+ Skull match will be suppressed.

Note that indirect Extra Turns due to the troop’s spell manipulating the board will not be suppressed unless the colors match the troop’s (or another troop with those colors is Frozen). Thus a Frozen Goblin Shaman will not get an Extra Turn from its explicit spell effect, but if it happens to make a 4+ Green match then this may still result in an Extra Turn.


I agree. Freeze should only affect the team if the troop that is frozen actually receives mana.


The 1st one really should be changed. If my 4th troop is frozen but my 1st and 2nd troops receive all the mana from a match 4/5, I shouldn’t lose my turn.

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I can see the argument for that, yes; it makes more intuitive sense. I was attempting to describe the behavior as implemented.


I know, I wasn’t trying to shoot the messenger. :wink:

I meant that is would also cleanse on a 4-5 match. It would thaw on its own in time like a normal status effect.