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Bugs / Suggestions

First for the bug:

Using ‘Sacrifical Priest’ spell (kill an allied unit to deal its attack value plus X damage), if an enemy has the trait ‘Life Drain’ (gain 4 life when an enemy dies) the enemy will stay alive (with 4 HP) even if the damage received from Sacrifical Priest spell was more than enough to kill that unit plus the extra 4 HP added.

Also if Sacrifical Priest is the last unit and ‘suicides himself to use his spell’ (wich has a 30% chance to summon an Abhorath), if Abhorath is summoned the battle will end with Sacrificial Priest team being defeated, when likely the battle should continue since there is a new unit (Abhorath) replacing the Sacrificial Priest.

Now for the “not so much a bug”, more like a display issue: When checking the Arena rewards info screen, there is no way to tell wich rewards are cumulative. I just discovered that most are cumulative because a friend told me, so please add perhaps a + signal between the rewards that stack with wins (seems to be all rewards except trophies that are fixed?) so the Arena rewards are shown in a way both non-deceiving and easy to understand.

Lastly a Suggestion: Dunno if Celestial Traits are supposed to be hard/rare to get, I have around 40 and rarely use those. Usually when going to “Explore” we wanna hunt for the rare traitstone of that town/area, however the chance to get a Celestial is still too big. Lower the chance of Celestial by 1 and increase the chance of the rare from that area by 1 (or maybe 0.5).
For example currently Maugrim Woods is x3 Arcane Swamp and x3 for Celestial, change to x4 Arcane Swamp and x2 Celestial.
This change also reduces boredom because rewards are so RNG that sometimes we have to play a lot (1 hour +) to get a single rare traitstone from an area.

Thanks for the time, thats it for now =]