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[BUG] Undead Bonus not activating with Necromancer

Well, I have a team that has two Undead in it (Sunweaver and Skeleros), and so, I picked up Necromancer so that I could give them the perks of Undead Bond and pick up that +1 Magic bonus for being an Undead Captain when I got the Unlife perk. Lo and Behold, when I have done this, I do not get the Undead Captain bonus. As well, my hero does not get affected by Undead Bond that I have on Skeleros or myself, though I do not know if that is supposed to be a part of the Unlife perk or if it’s just the Undead Captain part that I’m supposed to be affected by.

There really isn’t any steps to reproduce it. I have two Undead, I have myself in it, and it’s constant.


We are aware of this issue and have a fix coming in 2.0

Just checking, but in the screenshot you don’t appear to have selected any of the perks. You need to select a perk for it to start working, at which point the selected perk will glow yellow.

The perk may well be bugged anyway, but you might want to check that the right perk has been selected, if you haven’t already.


Indeed you are right. I was not aware that you had to choose a perk to activated it. Cheers!

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