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[BUG] Traitstones dissapearing

Crafted major Fire traitstones in the forge. When I log off for a while then come back and play some more. I then go and craft more Major traitstones, and the ones I crafted previously are gone. This has happened multiple times. I make sure I am not using them as I am trying to save them to unlock War’s second trait.

Hi there! I’ve checked the logs of your game account (all the exact data/info recorded to our server from your game) and I can see that you forged 3 Minor Fire Traitstones and then 3 Major Fire Traitstones. It looks like you used your Minor Fire traitstones to forge the Major Fire Traitstones.

Yes, it’s the major trait stones that keep disappearing on me.

To forge Minors you spent Major Traitstones, you probably confused both and ended up losing resources. (2 Major = 1 Minor)

So from the logs you wasted 6 Majors to craft 3 Minors and went back to craft Major again as Cyrup pointed out.

Picture with the costs of crafting Minors and Major traitstones:


Major takes three Minors. Minor takes two Major.

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OMG. That must of been it. I didn’t even notice that it took major to craft the minors.

Thank you, that was getting so frustrating.

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