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(Not a bug) Missing trait stones from Soul Forge

I made numerous trait stones in the soul Forge but they do not show up in my inventory. The gems and souls both were removed from my inventory. Can you h help . Uncorkingcougar_2ajk on my Xbox

Traitstones don’t require gems, any chance you mean Summoning Stones? Please add a screenshot of what you were trying to craft.

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I may have typed it wrong. I created a bunch of trait stones and did not see them in my inventory. It used all the souls to create them but did not put them in my inventory. This was Thursday. When I try to rename one of my teams they kept saying lost connection even though I was online. So maybe there was a server issue and it didn’t register the changes. I wouldn’t have been able to take a screenshot

Hi @jdbrusseau

What Traitstones are you missing specifically? I can see that, 4 days ago you crafted a number of Traitstones, so I don’t know what to look for in terms of what’s missing.

I’m not a hundred percent sure exactly what I created. I burned through about 16,000 soles, what took me off was the missing Celestial Stones created five of those. Which of course takes the number of gems from the soul Forge menu.

I have sent you a PM with the logs detailing examples of what you spent in the Forge.

It looks like you earned Celestials and used them to craft other items. Overall you also spent a lot Souls crafting various Major Traitstones that day after the Celestials.