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Bug-Reporting in private to avoid exploiting it

Hi! I found a bug which can be exploited to gain massive amounts of Event Keys and Glory. I can confirm that it works at lead on Android and PC.

How do i report it in a non-public manner?


Send a private message to @Saltypatra and @Cyrup

Send a private message on it to me so I can independently test it


Yes, send a private message to the Dev.

Also, are you sure it’s not just 5 bonus glory for using Vanguard in PvP battle? You will gain 8+ glory on winning, 5 glory for losing as well. That was working as intended for this week.

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Yes, I am.
I wouldn’t mind posting because of just 5 bonus glory per battle :wink:

Okay then, make sure to send a private message to the Dev, so they can investigate how to reproduce it. It’s best to be fixed before it become widespread.

In the mean time, don’t exploit it. They have your invite code, so extra stuff will likely taken away. If it’s complicated, you might ge rollback to before you found the bug. Good luck.

Thanks for the report :slight_smile: