[Bug maybe...?] Possibly suspicious last life point?

I am wondering if it is just me, and for that reason I decided to ask around here.
It feels like I am getting an unusual high amount of cases this week, where high level enemies (delves, L12 explore, dungeon) end up on their last life point without me aiming for it, mostly after multi-skull-matches. I think, I just had my 9th or 10th 1 LP enemy, while cases of other single digit numbers happened way less often.
I do not calculate along and don’t have the tools or computer power to keep recording permanently. So I cannot say, if this is just a huge coincidence (or if I am completely making it up, and the numbers are as equally spread out as they should).

But it sure feels strange, and being around for a couple of years, I think my feelings are not completely unreliable.

Could it be, that some sort of mercy immortality has snuck into the game? Do other players have similar experiences these days?

They likely didn’t happen less often, you just noticed them less often. Brains come pre-configured with some pretty sophisticated pattern recognition/filtering.

You would be one of exceptionally few people whose feelings are anywhere close to reliable in that matter. It’s pretty easy to verify this for yourself, just record your battles. Whenever you see a troop barely not dying check the recording, it’s a very safe bet you’ll find that, all game rules considered, it was supposed to be barely not dying in that situation. If you happen to be playing on Windows 10 you can even use the built-in recording feature (activated with the Windows + G key).


Windows 8.1 here, and with a hard drive, that is on the edge of death for years already. Really trying to keep the load as light as I can, so no live capture, as useful as it would be in this situation. :wink:

I do not mean, that it always feels like enemies are pushed to their last life point, but specifically since monday. Since posting this thread, I had another two (but no other single digit values, have actually started to pay a bit attention).
I did not notice strong enemies remaining barely alive the last seven years. I notice it now. I notice something, that feels different to me.

I might be wrong (and judging by the fact, that this thread is not overwhelmed by others who experience the same, it seems increasingly likely). But you have to admit, with there being suddenly 5 or more cases per day at a moderate playstyle (2-3 hours), there is some reason to get suspicious.

[Edit:] You know, technology is a funny thing. Once you mention to someone, that a thing is not working as it should, it works like factory-new or better.
The last two L12 explore runs had enemies on 2,4,6,7 and… yes, of course, 1 LP. So… sort of normal now…? Who knows.

As for capturing video, look for any feature that can capture short snippets after they happen. What this means is the system will be constantly buffering only the last # seconds of video in memory, and when you press the button to capture it, it will export that buffer into a video file. Then you don’t need to worry about constantly recording “just in case” something weird happens, you can wait for it to happen and then snag the video of it.

And apparently I misread the initial post because there’s also a known issue where troops that are sufficiently weakened can spontaneously die under various circumstances, due to receiving damage that wasn’t reflected on the screen (e.g. Skulls tripped by explosions or Elemental Stars).

You are probably just using a team that’s close to the sweet spot for 2-hitting this week (e.g. due to weekly troop buffs). Like opponents having something like 165 life and you doing something like 80 true damage. :wink:

Should not be related to status boni, as none of those have changed this week in regards to my regular teams. It’s just an odd coincidence, that I seem to be running into these days. I’d blame those big exploding gems, but they have been around for a while now already. Maybe it will stop again next monday.
Just had three 1-Lifers in a single L12 explore run. If I had not opened this thread yet, this would have been the point to do so.

Equip/remove 1 season medal and the “bug” will magically disappear

There are a bug with delayed skull damage dealing. It happens when you collect a skull with any other way rather than direct match. Then the damage from blasted skulls may be transfered to enemy’s turn, so the first troop will explode if they are low health (enough to be killed). It happens often with giant gems - they only trigger skull damage if it’s lethal for the first enemy troop.

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That’s not the issue here. The observation is that if most of the enemy team has like 50 life left and you cast an area spell that deals like 49 damage then most enemy troops will have 1 life left. It’s a funny coincidence, I wouldn’t really have expected any other outcome though.