Bug handling, the IP2 way

Spring Imp managed to escape its cage at IP2 again, leaking a transcript of a recently overheard conversation between some New Support Guy and some Developer. While this might not be considered the most reliable source of information, continued radio silence from IP2 is a strong indicator for it being 100% correct.

New: Uh, there seems to be an issue with events, the game is handing out the beginner kingdom quest titles everybody already owns as final reward.
Dev: Yeah, we messed up title rewards as part of ninja-changing the delve rotation to match kingdom events, it’s been going on for a while.
New: Uh, so what do we do now?
Dev: Same as we always do in such a situation, ignore the bug reports, we’ll eventually take it into account for future events once there are enough complaints.
New: Uh, I’ve already set the bug reports to “Investigating”, it seemed like the right thing to do…
Dev: No worries, just ignore them from now on, set them “Not a Bug” on Monday once it’s too late to easily change anything about it.
New: Uh, won’t players expect to receive the titles that were designed for those events? Especially since we have all the information in our database to still hand them out now?
Dev: Nah, that would require some extra work on our side. It’s just a few titles, we don’t even compensate if we set the drop chance of mythic troops in our gashas to zero for a week or two.
New: Uh, okay, but what about collectors? They’ll want those titles, right?
Dev: We’ll just slap them into some future Flash Offer to celebrate yet another special event. Like “Sucks To Be You” day, add in an appropriate emoji and we can charge $5. Everybody wins, they get their title, we get paid twice.
New: Uh, and if someone keeps insisting that this is just about the worst way one could possibly treat their community?
Dev: Then we’ll blame it on an “unresolvable Mongo DB issue”, worked like a charm for other issues we didn’t want to bother with fixing in the past.

To get to the point, your recent events were not supposed to hand out duplicates of the beginner kingdom quest titles as final reward. Pretending that this was intentional, without any explanation given, once again doesn’t reflect well on IP2. There have been trust issues in the past, incidents like these just reinforce the belief that IP2 will use any means possible to avoid being held accountable. You had the community cheering you along several years back, couldn’t you at least put in some token effort to maintain basic company credibility nowadays?

For reference:
[Not a bug] Incorrect title reward in Beast Whisperer event
[Not a bug] Incorrect title reward in Pridelands Invasion event


This is one of the reasons why I don’t pay for this game anymore. Every other gacha game I’ve played would’ve fixed this quickly (I would hope this could be fixed via config and not an actual patch) plus given compensation to the community. It’s cheap for the company and keeps the player base happy.

So here is a bug that the devs are pretending isn’t one. I’m not even asking for compensation, just… correctly flag bugs as bugs, and fix it eventually.

Stream today is cancelled, but during the next one I’ll be asking if the intention is to give out quest titles as event titles now. :woman_shrugging:


Even something like “yep, this looks messed up, we’ll check the other upcoming events to make sure those contain the proper rewards” would have been okay.

What really bugs me, if they can’t be honest about really trivial issues, how honest can they be about critical issues? I hear there was a Flash Offer a while back where some players were charged twice. Those that actually noticed had to wrestle with support tickets for weeks to get their money back. I can’t help but wonder if IP2 ever reached out to the players that didn’t notice.


I don’t recall this one, but there were two recent flash offers that gave the wrong item. One was incorrect for console players. The other didn’t give pet gnome bait.

Regarding the console one, the devs provided an update but it was hidden as a comment and not its own thread, and stated players had to reach out directly.

Repeated abuses of charges to people seems like fraud to me…


Sadly every damn word of that conversation is accurate.


Sorry for the late reply on this. I’ve made some notes and will present them to our team. I can’t guarantee that anything will change, but there might be a way to improve these processes moving forward.

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