A new angle on bug reports

Very recently we have witnessed a willingness within the community to assist ‘the company’ on issues such as translation and bug reporting. @Hawx made a beautifully tactful propsal to IP2 in this regard. We continue to see zero effort to address non company issues and therefore I suggest the following. No longer report any ‘bug’ issues that benefit the company. Kafka has repeatedly stated how prolific a player he/she is. Which means he/she will detect these issues Right? As will those responsible for pre release testing. Right? So let them uncover their own self detrimental errors. Its not up to us to feather their economy with such announcements that negatively hit the balance sheets that a competent company would eradicate at source. Everything that has been raised in terms of bugs or QoL has been ignored by IP2 for years. Let their incompetence be their issue. No longer tell them stuff that affects them. Return the disrespect. Return the ‘finger’!


I never understood why people came running to report stuff that worked in the players’ favor anyway.

Must be the same people who told the teachers that they hadn’t given any homework yet.


At least in school we knew which clowns it was (and how to handle them afterwards). :wink:
Just kidding, relax. :wink:

The player can’t possibly be expected to really know the difference of a (possible) bug or a “game feature” that is "working as intended"™.
With all the currently experienced (in)actions of the dev-team I could understand it if someone discovers something that leads to the player profiting off and doesn’t report it right away or at all. That’s how far we’ve come here. So sick. So sad.


Agreed. QC is their issue and players have helped them with it for years. Bugs and features have been fed back regardless of whether the bug negatively impacts the developer or the player (which is the vast majority of cases). Only the former gets dealt with promptly. Most of the latter never gets dealt with at all. It’s very sad as @icy says. That I should even consider making this thread is also very sad.

I do not see any bug, that benefited all players, lately.
I see an accidential pattern, that benefited those, who found out about it, while having a random chance to harm or help all the others.

I do however think, no longer reporting bugs might be a good idea.

Between “We could not reproduce the issue”, “Have you checked your internet connection” and “The team is on holiday, maybe we get it done next week”, there seems to be little reason to do so.
And that is, if the communication through several middlemen even reaches the final level.

The team does not play the game. The team does not read the forum. The team does not care.
Maybe we should stop feeling responsible to stop this mess from falling into disrepair.


Again I agree. There has to be a point where the community reaches the revelation that they are being ‘mugged off’ and exploited as a result of their generosity and care for the game. Beta feedback is ignored and almost all bug reports are ignored. We are not on the payroll and we are not enjoying the extended vacation that they are. To this point nothing tactful and diplomatic has raised so much as an eyebrow, let alone a professional endeavour to solve issues that span years. The community has really tried and the response is always the same; non existent.

For the sake of fairness I would like to mention, that I have reported a bug, that benefits the players (delve tokens of previous day remain usable beyond reset time) in April, it was forwarded, and six months later it is still there.
They act when they feel like it, not because of any reasons.

Its not that long ago that many players got banned for over exploiting a mistake that they made possible. Yes, some players really were stupid in doing so but it was fixed rapidly and players got banned for dev incompetency. Then there was ‘weavergate’ and so on. Fixes are immediate if self beneficial, tardy or non existent if they relate to QoL.