Luther can't write proper English

Yet again…

What is wrong with you people?!

Run your text through a bloody grammar checker! The one in Google Docs is perfectly adequate. This sort of nonsense makes you look incredibly unprofessional! (Far more unprofessional than my ire.)


I hope you can appreciate the caustic humour in the above.

As a completely separate issue, it does seem that the Campaign interface could have used a lot more testing on real humans. There’s so much to and fro to do tasks, then claim them, spot a new one, choose a new thing to do, etc, etc. It’s a Human Factors nightmare.

Please hire a Human Factors person to assess your GUIs before you subject us to them. Please.


Thanks for posting so I didn’t have to. The fact that this stuff gets through is humiliating.

So, all the money they make from battlepasses is going to get reinvested into QA, right?


Or not.


Sadly, no. They’re all salaried and overworked because they’ve made dumb deals with the publisher. Something like that, anyway.

I feel like I need to qualify this, because it’s really more endemic to the industry than the devs’ fault. In their place, I would be telling the publisher that the original schedule needs to be changed because of COVID, because of unforeseen difficulties, etc.

I would also make a point of scheduling clean-up/tweaking in the mini-patch after every new feature, simply because these things never quite work 100%. And if you don’t deal with them immediately, you get over 2 years of the entire Guild Wars interface being completely empty outside of the week for GW (for example).

Every game has to balance drawing people in versus not pushing them away. Nearly every developer I’ve ever encountered fails miserably at the latter.

And I do blame dumb publishers, because they seem unable to see any point of view that isn’t incredibly simplistic and focussed on them making money without spending it. It’s a ridiculous situation that needs to be fought.

Anyway, there’s 4c worth. :sob:


Yet it won’t be, because it works.

I’ve heard so many people talk about how happy they are about how good a deal the $10 pass is that I legitimately feel BAD for sticking to my principles and not buying it.

Buying or not buying something in a game should not carry emotional baggage. (No, no one is pressuring me to buy it or guilting me for not doing so. This is 100% internal. I feel the need to clarify that.)

I have been so angry about crap this game has been pulling for so long that having what is, on paper, a freaking outstanding deal tossed at me is frankly infuriating. The “free pass” rewards are literal hot garbage. The $10 pass rewards are far and away worth the asking price. We are not intended to be happy with the free rewards.

A lot of people who haven’t been spending money on the game because of it’s increasingly pushy, nerfy, greedy, monetization-based attitude (2 consecutive monetization patches now) are running out to buy this “incredible deal”. They don’t understand they’re encouraging MORE of this behavior, not less.

We’re going to see Gems of War lean full-tilt into hardcore monetization over the next 6-12 months after this little “experiment”.


i dont no it look’s good too me


Keep on dreaming Arlena … keep on dreaming :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m so frustrated with the direction this game is taking. I’m not a free to play player. I buy flash offers here and there because I do like to support a game that has brought me so much joy over the last several years. However as someone who really enjoys the grind and “earning” my achievements, I don’t like to buy things to try to get ahead. I’d rather work for it. And this is the first time I’m seeing such a blatant P2W strategy. Yes, I know it’ll be available in chests and soulforge later. But that’s not really the point to me. Not only will I not buy the elite pass, but I find myself not even going for the flash offers that I normally would have tossed some money at, just because I’m so ticked off at this new model.

And then I hear about THIS and the whole Kurandara in drop table debacle and…excuse me for going full American white girl…I just can’t even.

/end rant


Hukd on foniks wurkd fer mi.


I’ve gone off-topic, of course.

But I agree, that, with so many trooops in chests now, random acquisition of troops that are initially pay-walled does not qualify as making them “available.”

Most spell descriptions are incoherent drunken nonsense, and we’ve been pointing that out for months without anything being done about it. I doubt they’ll fix the flavor text grammar. In fact I’d rather they fix the former. Thanks for the laugh though.