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A couple of typo fixes would be nice

Currently we can sort by “Troop Typee” and it’s bugging me a lot.

Also, the new Hyena troop’s flavor text is “Be prepare!” This obviously should be “Be prepared!”

Those text strings have been fixed on our side and it should be out. I’ll double check with the team tomorrow why they may still be appearing wrong for you.

I talked to the team, would you be able to try change the language in game to a different language then back to english to see if that fixes the issue?

(This may help us track down why your text files are not updating correctly)

Thank you very much for the quick reply! I will change the game language next time I play and see if that solves the issue. I wish other companies could fix text mistakes this quickly.

I changed (then changed back) the language on the Xbox 1, and it still shows as “Typee” for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

On a somewhat related note, would it be possible to have someone spend maybe half an hour going through and updating the mythic ascension messages to reflect proper nouns and nouns/names beginning with a vowel sound? It drives me (possibly irrationally) crazy every time I see a message that says something like “So-and-So just ascended a Alchemist to Mythic” or “JoeBob just ascended a The Devoted to Mythic”. It’s somewhat annoying having to see the ascension messages in the first place (it would be nice to have an option to turn them off), but if forced to see them, can we at least have them be grammatically correct?


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@einsteinle Thanks for letting me know.

@KelpTheGreat when you let us know can you also tell us what platform you are playing on?

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I changed the language to German today, and then after the game re-loaded, I changed it back to English. I’m still seeing the two issues I outlined in the original post.

I’m playing on Xbox One; sorry for not including that info in the first place.

Found another one, I thought I’d attach it to this thread, hope it’s ok.


Enranged should be Enraged

Still playing on Xbox One, still seeing these typos. Hope you guys figure out a fix soon!