A Cluster of Text Errors

I’ve noticed a bunch of odd text errors creeping into the game. Figured I’d make a list.

  • The flavour text for last week’s Glory troop, “Spring Emissary,” makes no sense. My guess is that the word, “sun,” has been omitted.

  • The weapon, “Staff of Bright Forest” is not English. It needs to be “Staff of the Bright Forest” or “Bright Forest Staff”, or perhaps something more imaginative, like “Bright Forest’s Branch.”

  • The weapon, “Eldrazi Wand,” should be spelled “Eldrazhi Wand” to agree with the name of the Faction and Delve.

  • The very name of the world, “Krystara,” has twice been mispelled as “Krystarra” over recent weeks: first in the Prologue to the current Campaign, then in World Event text for the second week of the Campaign. Please check the text of future Campaign and World Events!!!

  • The text for the Medal of Orpheus is still incorrect. It should be: “One extra 10% chance to Cleanse each Troop when my turn begins”

  • The text used for World Events to describe increases in scoring from certain battles is still incorrect. “As the battle against Matron Velenne gets harder it will increase the amount of Ritual Scrolls given by 20% per victory.” is incorrect, as it necessarily implies a multiplicative increase in rewards. It’s also unnecessarily wordy. I recommend: “Each time you defeat Matron Velenne, her reward will increase by 1 Ritual Scroll.” This is clear and brief.
    There was an event recently where multiple battles increased their reward, and one of them increased by 1.5 items, rounded up – ideally, you would have doubled the number of items for each reward. In any case, my personal preference is to list the rewards as “5 Scrolls + 1 Scroll per previous defeat” in the table of battles, I would also be happy with the text: “Each time you defeat A, B or C, the amount of Scrolls from that battle will increase by 20% of its initial reward.” Above all, this is actually accurate.
    (Also, it would be nice to indicate the rarity of each battle, in your scoring list.)

  • The text in Delves, regarding Treasure Multipliers is mathematically incorrect. On the third “card” of each room, “Treasure” should be “Treasure Increment,” and the multipliers should all be reduced by 1. That is, the Treasure Increment for the first room of every Delve is 0.1, because it increases the final value of the multiplier by 0.1. Hence, x2 goes up to x2.1 (not 2.2), and 0.5 goes up to 0.6 (not 0.55). I don’t imagine you’ll bother changing this, but I do wish you’d be more careful about the accuracy of your wording. Sigh.

Fortunately, the new Faction had no serious errors – just a bit of arguable punctuation.

However, the mispelling of Krystara, in particular, shows that the devs are not taking advantage of the obvious tools that are readily available to them. Simply pasting all their text into a Google Docs document would instantly highlight all the grammatical errors to check (I’m surprised how well it works, compared to the last time I tried Word’s grammar checker). And building up a custom dictionary of troop, weapon, class and kingdom names – including the name of the game world! – is obviously very sensible, and doesn’t take long (though it does need to be maintained).

Come on, people; this isn’t rocket science. Please?