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Bug: 1st mission of the Wild Plains quest

In the first mission of the Wild Plains quest (I believe it’s called Angry Spirit), you fight only the Angry Spirit (Sunweaver). When using a troop that hits multiple targets (like the Dust Devil ), the Sunweaver is taking all four hits instead of just one. It’s like the game thinks there are four opponents instead of just one so it puts all four attacks on the one opponent.

Unfortunately I don’t have a second account to record what happened (and obviously we can’t replay quest missions) however I did notice this happen twice in the same battle. If this just affects this one quest mission, it’s a pretty minor bug but I wanted to report it on the off chance it may be affecting other gameplay situations.

It happened again on the “It’s a Hydra” stage of the same Wild Plains quest line and I noticed some additional information:

The multi-attack error doesn’t happen when the opponent is is the top (1st) slot (where the opponent starts). It only happens after the first attack by the Dust Devil that knocks the opponent from the first slot into the last slot. Once in the last slot, the game seems to think there are 3 other opponents (even though those slots are empty) and all four attacks hit the one character.

Also it doesn’t happen if the team you’re fighting starts with four units. If you kill three, the final unit doesn’t trigger this effect (I’m assuming because the game knows the other units existed but were already killed).