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Buff weapon talents

Currently, the weapon talents (i.e. Gain 3 Magic if using an Axe) are not so great. The bonus is too low to make me want to use the good weapon to get the bonus. Morever, if the Hero is in the team for tanking or doing damage, you don’t really care about Magic.

So the idea is pretty simple: just change Magic to all stats, so: Gain 3 to all stats if using an Axe.


Making it +3 to all stats seems ok. The bigger flaw of this talent-type is probably more that unless it’s Swords it doesn’t matter that much anyways.

Or Shields lol.

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Forgot about those yeah.^^

It’s the same problem with the Hero talents. It like someone drank a large amount of moonshine made by a blind man, then was given 6 minutes to assign every weapon talent in the game.

Too much randomization, not enough planning.