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Talent buff or nerf

imageYesterday that was only +4…
+5 is nice but +6 is better :stuck_out_tongue: .

At least, it means devs can tweak numbers easily.

If you have any suggestions, let resume them here :wink: .

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What id love is a full changelog of all troops that had stats changed with update, hero too. I’m positive hero and some troops now have different attack/magic etc.

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Haven’t noticed any troop changes yet. Hero stats are lower because perks (which usually gave something like +8 Armor or +2 Magic) were replaced with talents.

Tell it to the hero changing cost lol.

I’d already be happy if all and not just some of the classes had the trees that seem to be specifically designed for them. coughTitancough.


I don’t really think Buff/Nerf is necessary at this stage…

They have perks that need to be completely removed because they are Race based, when you are not playing that Race. This randomness is the same for almost every Hero class. Take Titan (Giant Class) buffs Dwarves or Centaurs and summons a Styx. ZERO options for Giants.

  1. Remove all race perks from the existing trees, and replace those individual perks with a relevant one.
  2. Create a relevant Race Tree for the currently available Hero Classes (and the next few future ones). eg Warden (Beast) should have a Beast Tree column.
  3. Pick 3 APPROPRIATE Tree columns for each Hero Class.