Broken Personal Task


Personal Task, 4th slot, “Change armor to one with a bonus to Gold”.

Does not trigger. Tried changing armor, tried switching to a starting armor (no bonuses) then back to a Gold bonus set.



We’ll investigate. I was pretty sure we removed all the “switch armor” tasks in favor of the “win with 4 troops of the same color/race/kingdom” tasks…

But I’m home now, so I can’t check immediately. But I’ve got a note to investigate.


Any word on this issue?


Nope. But we’ll get back to you tomorrow.


i want personal tasks! :crying_cat_face:


FYI - We’ve investigated this issue, and are looking at a fix. @TaliaParks has a personal message about it…


Hey everyone, a fix has been found, so this Task will be working very soon.