Bring more trait stone colors into arena matches

I really like playing the arena.
Even if it is a waste of time resource-getting wise, but that is for another topic…

However since you only get blue or brown stones I now have an abundance of both compared to any other color.
So my suggestion is: Make the trait stone drops in arena come in all colors


+1 to this excellent idea

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… and adding another line to make the post more descriptive

I’m pretty sure this was a mistake the devs are already aware of, and hopefully will be implemented in the next major update

Yup, it was talked about half a dozen times.
They did answer they also thought it should be changed but never gave any due date for said change. But, yeah, I would also expect this issue to be adressed with the incoming 1.0.9 update.

Too bad it wasn’t red/green. I would not mind if it was only those 2. Not many troops need minor blue.

Would also like trait stones are a reward for arena. Minor stones.