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Better ways to get trait stones

you have a way to buy minor trait stones but it’s $15…why 15? its just minor stones. if you included 20 of EVERY TRAIT STONE (except the celestial, i understand that those are supposed to be hard to get), then MAYBE it would be worth $15. after all, why pay for something when it doesn’t give you immediate access to something? you still need to find the bigger stones in chests before those minor stones you buy have ANY USE AT ALL.

adding in another way to get trait stones would also be nice. like maybe adding an elemental arena to the different areas with a different element for each arena and the more wins you get, the more stones of each type you get. example: you head to maugrim woods to obtain some nature trait stones. the first win you get nets you with lets say 2 minor and 1 major. the next win gives you 3 minor, 2 major, and 1 runic. and it would keep going until you retire or loose 2 or 3 times. though it would be nice to be able to use your own team because it’s soooo stupid when you are given the WORST line-up EVERY TIME you try to play the arena. OR you have good individual troops, but all the good troops are the same mana so you can’t choose them. it would be nice if we could see ALL the units we could choose on 1 screen please! have 4 rows with 3 troops in each row and we can only choose 1 in each row. Not changing much but atleast we could see the troops all at once and devise a somewhat decent team with the random troops given to us.

another way to let us get trait stones is to be rewards for different things we do in day to day activities.

you could also add an option in troop list or options or hero to prioritize which color trait stones we get , so we get the traits slightly faster for the troops we use. we would still have to get them out of chests but we would atleast be getting trait stones for a troop we want it for instead of a type we would never use.

The prices in the store are where the devs feel the items are valued. If you agree, and you need them, buy them. If not, then don’t. If they see people are not purchasing, they’ll lower the price. I can tell you one thing they won’t do is adjust prices based on forum complaints. Vote with your wallet.


Theres also a supposed way to get traitstones coming i dont know if guild task or some type of mini game etc

You do already get traitstones for almost every activity in the game. Most battles give you a traitstone. Chests can contain traitstones, and you can earn keys a variety of ways. The Treasure Hunt minigame gives you a traitstone for every 15 matches you make. There are lots of ways to get them. Getting the ones you want, especially arcanes, is another matter. Arcanes are available for glory in the weekly troop packs, but it may be a while before any particular one you might want is available. The color of the traitstones from battles are determined by which kingdom you fight in, so whether you’re doing PvP or challenges, you can control that. But targeted, guaranteed runics and arcanes are pretty much always going to be very limited.

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What is the conversion of gems>gold>gold chests and how many stones would you get if you did a 20$ conversion.