Brackets everywhere (Fixed in 4.3)

Could the devs please take half a moment and fix code creating brackets in game instead of actual intended text, from storm desc to quest dialog? I mean beyond the uninstall-reinstall fix for prior bugs, which shouldn’t be the player’s burden to need to do anyway… I’ve never played any other game on Xbox that devs said I need to do that. Just fix the broken instead of focusing on new new new all the time.

Hey @Neves1277! I’m sorry you’re still experiencing this :frowning:

When we release new content we push new text files (and other things), and we’ve had ongoing issues with how Microsoft’s servers handle this content which we haven’t found to be as prevalent on other platforms.

In the meantime you can read Fang Moor’s quest text here, and try changing the language in-game to resolve the issue. You can also try changing the Xbox language to a different one as in-game. Otherwise, this issue will be resolved in the next update, 4.3.

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I came to the forums to complain that the game is turning into Mad Libs, with all the [placeholder text] everywhere. I get it, i18n and all, but still, not cool. Got my Hoglet today in celebration of [Pet_067_EVENTNAME].

After reading this post I changed my in-game language from English to German to English, and the [placeholders] are still everywhere. Is “uninstall–reinstall” actually a recommended fix for this?

Thanks for the link to the Fang Moor text, so I can see what I missed, which wasn’t much. I did find it interesting that the Hero answered “Okay” to everything instead of having a [placeholder].


Just fix the broken instead of focusing on new new new all the time.

Edit: Nope, uninstall–reinstall didn’t change anything. Guess I’ll just be waiting on that [EVENTUAL_FIX_VERSION].

The uninstall-reinstall fix only work for the issue where kingdom names and troops go into the bracket attack mode. I believe it has something to do with file library overwrite from small patches. You can actually force this error by doing un/re multiple times, which does prove it is a coding conflict somewhere in the middle, but my original statement still stands, as devs need to find a better solution and compromise with host. No game years beyond beta test should have that sort of conflict.

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There’s another example:

@Koromac thanks, this one is a separate issue affecting other platforms, thank you for the report :slight_smile:

@sidbushes reinstalling will help in some circumstances but not all. Can you please clarify where exactly these occurring? The other steps in this article may help, it does involve changing language but in a specific way. Are you on Xbox?

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Yes, I’m on Xbox. The other place I notice the [placeholders] most prominently is in the Store, where all the bundles have [XBOX_DESC_SAVAGE_BUNDLE], [XBOX_DESC_BESTIAL_BUNDLE], etc. with them. There are probably other instances around I haven’t noticed. I generally saw it every time there’s a big chunk of new content, though it hasn’t been nearly as bad since… the Underworld I think?

Like when Tzathoth was released, everything about it—name, spell, traits—was a placeholder. That was the worst I remember seeing things. But I haven’t seen any placeholders on any new-faction content. Well, until the quest text on Fang Moor.

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How did you go with the article?

What? I did #1 from the article before I even saw the article, as I posted six days ago, and it made no difference. Or are you going to tell me that that was not “in a specific way” enough? Regardless, I am done with this. It is not nearly a big enough problem that I am interested in screwing around with it further, especially since it’s a Known Issue addressed in the next revision.