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Bounty Weekend - Half-Mane

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/bounty-weekend-half-mane/

New Bounty Troop: Half-Mane

The Half-Mane from Pridelands, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

Half-Mane will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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Bounty troops are rare, they will never be in gem chests. You should redo this template


Thanks for the spot! Fixing it now. :slight_smile:

At stage 20 my bounty captain with a full bounty team has a higher attack than 3 out of 4 troops on defense.
Games should be either challenging, entertaining, or both.
This weekend Bounty is none of these things. It’s annoying and grindy.
It’s just an endless armor buffing team that just waits for RFG to have skull drops to pick off the players troops. :-1:


My level 20 opponents have attacks between 49 and 52. My Half Mane has 43 attack, with the double bonus this week. Where are you finding the extra attack?

Anyone having difficulty, just use Telsa. Armor buff this.

That’s two months in a row, we had the mechs doing it last time too.

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So what you’re saying is, that bounties lately have been armor or less the same?


My bounty captain has 53 attack. I get 9 bonus attack from team bonuses (pets).
I guess the troop is designed to penalize end gamers with everything max or using an all bounty team for all 20 stages. Cause that makes sense. 🤦
I still have 53 attack even with my current build using 3 bounty troops.

Use trickster shot(titan class),urska druid,half mane,pharaoh hound,summer banner…Really easy bounty event.


Yao Guai and Pharoah Hound is all you ever need for bounty events :+1:

Maybe you’re better at this game than I.

Past level 13 or so, I usually use sister / parrot / pharoah / yao to keep the last 2 alive, but last month I either lost a game or nearly lost too many times, did much better when switched to agave / sister / pharaoh / tesla.

This month even that team has me nearly losing too often, I’m going to try either mang up front or trickster’s shot on the bottom.

Kind of nice, to be forced to think about the team.

Battle 19 worked with this team. But be ready for tons of mishits with the hound, even with tons of red and purple gems on the boards. Team is not that good anymore after several praised it to the skies. It was a lot better before. If opponent have a great purple or red damage dealer you will lose a lot.


Pharaoh Hound drives me crazy. I swear mine hands the opponents 4+ matches about 80% of the time.


This is what I’m using on the last level of the bounty this week. I only use the bounty troop to finish them off. I focus on filling Tigraki. Let Templar cast. Since the armors he buffs will make tigraki strongerimage


Thank you @jzg, your team absolutely rocks.

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Oh my god, Urska Druid lets you choose your enemy!

Compared to most of you, I’m new to the game. So am way behind on trying out troops, even including recent ones. I assumed UD randomly chose the enemy for you. I added it to the team just for bonus green, turns out the entangle is fantastic for Bounty.

My new team, slow but very reliable: sister / urksa druid / pharoah / trickster’s S B:bright green3 purple -blue

Half Mane, Yao Guai, Pharoah Hound, Rift Lynx. I’m using the new troop to protect Yao Guai and the added bonus points. @Eika and yes I’m rinsing battle 19 as it works well there, no losses yet :+1:

I can confirm it works well at battle 19 as well, but only because of the weak opponent troops. Hound is missing 90% of the time on PC/Mobile.

Yep I stopped using the Hound/Yao build because the Hound gives up the board to the opponent 50% of the time even with flooded red/purple boards. I made the switch over to Arch Weaver (mid-levels) and Trickster Shot (lvl 18-20j builds the last several Bounties and have been very pleased.