Bounty Weekend - Half-Mane


This week the Bounty Captain had a very low usefulness thanks to all bonuses an endgamer can have from pets, two rakshas if you bring Tigraki Warrior along, two Pridelands troops if yo bring Rift Lynx and the whole Raksha+Pridelands week.

In part it was probably all planned by the devs to release exactly three Pridelands troops this week as it could increase this kingdom’s stars further as long as we spend a huge load of gems in Invasions and Bounty together, only to have a Tower of Doom right after that so it’ll be 2500ish (if i correctly recall) more gems to be used if you want all the Forge Scrolls for the new “Super Mythic” Weapon (that may have bad/flawed upgrades again).

I keep wondering if this is really the heathiest path to take as it alienates a huge portion of players that at some point will be fed up from “never” being able to catch up with the veterans while the veterans on th other hand also get fed up from playing two whole events with orbs achieving all the possible rewards, but without scoring a single Ascension one.

Not me of course, i got one single Ascension Orb this week from a random Vault Key drop!

But really, even the extra Major Ascension Orb i got from the Vault Keys on this Bounty rewards was a useless (i don’t need those) Orb of Clans…

At least one of the minor orbs on the rewards tiers should be changed into an Ascension Orb instead of a random one on each of these events. If left unchanged these models will only keep pushing people away with these disappointing random rewards, if people are pushed away the gems will keep pilling up and getting another nerf into our gem’s incomes and more gem sink events won’t fix anything or bode well for the game future…