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Bounty Weekend - Goblette

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/bounty-weekend-goblette/

New Bounty Troop: Goblette The Goblette from Zaejin, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Goblette will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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Thanks for the card but upgrading it to Mythic Elite adds magic on all 3 tiers but adding magic to that card does nothing so it reaaly is a waste of resources.

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Not totally nothing, thankfully. Goblette is a support troop rather than a mage, so she gets a bit of life and armor. I agree that the bonuses mostly aren’t useful to her, but the role assignment is definitely the right one here.

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Thanks Devs - credit where it is due. A very manageable bounty without any shenanigans from troops.

Please continue with similar, the ‘playing’ experience is so much better. :slight_smile:

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Also its traits says it gives mana to the first two allies. The card considers itself as an ally so it feeds itself and the next one down which makes it even less useful. This card isn’t worth the 600 gems nor the two ascension orbs I blew on it on it let alone the two elite medal upgrades. A support troop of this caliber which does little to support any troop is pointless. This card after this event will have a hard time finding a home in a players deck period. I want a refund!

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This is your first Bounty Weekend, isn’t it?

Bounty troops are almost exclusively significantly weaker than a “normal” troop, partially because they lose a trait to their Bountyhunter status. I presume the game design reason is they don’t want a full team of Bountyhunter troops to be so good it’s a breeze to finish the event. It’s important to them that it takes you a long, boring grind to get there for some reason.

This is also true of most other event troops. It’s very rare any troop released with an event lives up to its rarity. There’s a cost associated with giving up a trait and/or devoting half of your ability to “is better in this event”.


I’m finding this bounty quite enjoyable. I’m using a team of Corpse Mare, Amaru, Droggo, Ridgeback. Finding the most effective row to destroy with corpse mare… droggo’s charm and blue gem creation mixes things up while ridgeback clears the board and keeps the annoying troop on top for you to kill.

It beats the typical 2 cast battle of explore anyway.

There are way better Bounty teams you could use :smile:

By not using the new troop you are losing potential score multipliers.

All depends on the ascension level of the troops you are using too though.

you mean it’s possible to NOT have a long, boring grind???

that sounds like crazy talk to me…

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Credit where it’s due: It was a pleasant realization that this bounty is properly themed. Smur… I mean… Goblette is a bounty hunter that loves flowers and plants, so all enemies are plant-related beings. (Fungus are their own thing, so Exploadstool is more likely just a mistake from Goblette, but well she is no goblin scholar.)

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Well I could get double captain bonus on a 2x troop that is useless or 6x a useful troop.

Well, they failed because Crysturtle and Tigraki make BH a joke. Please nerf.

The chests are still waiting for her, friday the 4 weeks are over…