Bounty Weekend - Excavator

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New Bounty Troop: Excavator

The Excavator from Khaziel is this weekend’s Bounty Captain.

The Excavator will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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Woohoo bounty weekend!

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Why are we facing Khaziel troops in the bounty event?
Are you unaware of how grindy bounties are?
Raise your :raised_hand: if you’re a dev and have actually cleared all the rewards during a bounty weekend before. (Without doing anything ridiculous like giving yourself 7 power potions.)
But yeah… Let’s make it 10-20% more grindy to irritate the folks who are doing their best to enjoy the game still.


I agree that the grind is bad enough, and recently, I have a feeling that some setup compositions are just there to delay us more. I will need around three or more hours to finish all 20 Stage Rewards.

I’ll also try to find a good team to farm at Level 19 or 20.

I’d be curious to know, of the devs/streamers of new content, how high are their levels/how much do they play?
I looked at a stream briefly before I posted this, and the troops were not leveled/ascended
If this is the norm, it’s easy to figure out why things go wrong

Why couldn’t the enemy troops be divine so his drill would be the one to pierce the heavens?


Nice to have an alternative to the fingers crossed pharaoh red cast lottery.

My Excavator is just as much a double-agent as Pharaoh Hound used to be. I’ve created 13 red gems on a board with 15, with one column missing (so 28 out of 56 spaces!), and handed control to the AI too many times to count.

You can only drill straight down to Hell.


Quick team, high points. Corpse Mare, Excavator, Tigraki Warrior, Rift lynx. No losses at level 20.

What Tier?
(And yeah the level 20 isn’t bad… Because we’re facing 3 troops really.) Never the less… We shouldn’t be facing event Kingdom troops.

Anyone else only getting a Valraven in the 4th position during the level 20 battle?

I used basically the same team (Half-Mane instead of Rift Lynx), bought tier V. Quite easy sailing with that.

Also, level 20 Valravens appear in any position for me.

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I used this… But the TD was annoying me because a lot of times they had 5 or 6 health left and I knew they’d been dead if it weren’t for the extra buff this week.

So I’m using a hero build now. It’s probably only a little faster, but less aggravating this way. Consider this is a video game meant to be fun…I figured plan b would be a better route.

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It wasn’t fun. It is a chore tbh. It needs some freshening up imo. It’s one I think I’m going to look at skipping completely from now on. It is noteworthy that both Khaziel troops this week need to be taken to Mythic to level kingdom to current max and consequently I’m struggling to see the incentive of spending so many gems for a few gold more and so much time too.

The bounty trait on bounty troops weakens them even further than normal troops. Like excavator could use armoured or something, that wouldn’t make it too bad. We could use some bonuses to stats too, even a Big or Huge would help on anything tbh.

Why isn’t the bounty modifier inherent, it should be,


I thought this was pretty easy. Got it done in less than 2 hours grinding level 20 with this

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I feel like this was pretty easy but maybe I have privileged stats or something.

I used the team in Keylime’s Youtube video all the way up to round 20. In the video he had trouble around 10 but 20 was the first place I lost a match. After that I swapped Yao Guai in over Soldier of Wrath and I got all rewards with about 10 sigils left. (I did buy Tier VI). Level 20 is pretty easy with that team because the last troop suicides itself and you can usually wear down the Lady’s armor before she kills anything. Pharaoh Hound + Yao Guai are made for each other, and Excavator only helps.

My opinion of Bounty is the point totals are way too high on the rewards table. I appreciate the rewards we get but maybe the last 2-3 tiers shouldn’t exist. I bought in to get a mythic captain, but I still had to do a very tedious number of battles. If I hadn’t bought in at mythic, I’d have probably had to fight more and still fallen just short of the last tier.

I wish all events were set up like Sirrian or someone else said Raids were designed, where only tiers III or IV are “required” to finish. I always do really well in Raids/Invasions with a Legendary troop, I think it’s unfair that Bounty hinges so heavily on a mythic. We need either better troops, a smaller reward table, or cheaper tiers.


Patch 4.4 when?

Finished everything with hero/life and death/sentinel, excavator, tigraki warrior, ice wraith, bought up to tier 6.
Could have finished faster, with just tier 5, if I’d have used 4x BH troops on stage 20, but L&D was a lot faster and reduced the grind a lot, and my patience have not been the brightest side this week.

Tier 4:

Sadly today got only 1 rven, 1 more nd would have finished, last prize isnt defo worth 300 gems tho.

I used (after 1 or maybe 2 time si did 20 with 4 bounty troops nd seen was too long and boring) Man at arms, excavator, Fmage hero with doom xbow and pharos hound.