Bounty Weekend - Dread Steed

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New Bounty Troop: Dread Steed The Dread Steed from Ghulvania, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Dread Steed will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

What are the odd of having 2 undead horses from Ghulvania as a bounty hunter? :rofl:

Anyway, in my head canon, Dread Steed is Dullahan’s mount, so it’s a great additions to the game and my story ideas. Hehe.

Also, It’s interesting that we got Divine enemies!

In my story, I see it as we are playing as the undead, killing the zealots who are trying to stop the invasion. And the divines failed, so Van Kane and the gang has to step in.

And Mercy is definitely a traitor, for helping Valraven, an Undead bird, to escape like that. :rofl:


Grindiest bounty you’ve given in a while Devs. Great timing because there’s not enough to do in the game already. Thanks. :+1:


Don’t know what you mean. With Tigraki and another true damage troop, it’s still 2-hit-KO like every single Bounty Event.

So… maybe you just need a better team?

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I fought a Dread Steed in the World Event. If I have to wait 4 weeks for it to show in chests, then so should the ai. jk


Enemy Devoted: (Casts Spell)

Tigraki Warrior:


Mildly disappointed that there is a version of this image without [Translator’s note: “keikaku” means “plan”]

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Still no bounty troops with blue/purple or green/red colors.

Yep. I noticed that Dread Steed is appearing on Gray King fights.

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Troop Name Role Type1 Type2 Color1 Color2 Kingdom
Agave Generator Dragon Beast Red Brown Drifting Sands
Amaru Generator Dwarf Brown Purple Mist of Scales
Blightwing Generator Elemental Beast Yellow Blue Blighted Lands
Corpse Mare Generator Beast Red Brown Ghulvania
Crysturtle Generator Beast Red Brown Merlantis
Dire Cub Generator Monster Yellow Green Maugrim Woods
Dread Steed Generator Undead Beast Red Yellow Ghulvania
Droggo Generator Beast Green Blue Dragon’s Claw
Excavator Striker Beast Purple Yellow Khaziel
Fangblade Generator Elemental Urska Brown Yellow Mist of Scales
Goblette Support Goblin Green Blue Zaejin
Half-Mane Generator Elemental Beast Brown Yellow Pridelands
Ice Wraith Striker Elemental Wildfolk Purple Green Stormheim
Man-at-Arms Striker Monster Green Brown Sword’s Edge
Mecha Rat Striker Raksha Knight Red Brown Adana
Mermaid Striker Elemental Undead Blue Brown Merlantis
Parrot Striker Raksha Red Yellow Blackhawk
Pharaoh Hound Striker Beast Red Purple Khetar
Plainsjumper Support Beast Red Brown Divion Fields
Ridgeback Warlock Beast Yellow Blue Wild Plains
Rift Lynx Support Human Knight Blue Brown Pridelands
Scavanger Warmaster Mech Beast Yellow Green Zaejin
Sister Superior Striker Naga Knight Brown Yellow Whitehelm
Soldier of Wrath Generator Undead Beast Yellow Blue Sin of Maraj
Tigraki Warrior Striker Merfolk Yellow Blue Leonis Empire
Urska Druid Striker Daemon Beast Green Brown Urskaya
War Elephant Warmaster Beast Knight Green Brown Leonis Empire
War Wolf Warrior Daemon Red Blue Grosh-Nak
Wood Rhynax Support Divine Human Yellow Green Forest of Thorns
Type #
Beast 15
Elemental 5
Knight 4
Daemon 2
Human 2
Monster 2
Raksha 2
Undead 3
Divine 1
Dragon 1
Dwarf 1
Mech 1
Merfolk 1
Naga 1
Urska 1
Wildfolk 1
Goblin 1
Centaur 0
Construct 0
Elf 0
Fey 0
Giant 0
Mystic 0
Orc 0
Rogue 0
Stryx 0
Tauros 0
Wargare 0
Color1 Color2 #
Red Brown 5
Yellow Blue 4
Brown Yellow 3
Yellow Green 3
Blue Brown 2
Green Brown 3
Brown Purple 1
Green Blue 2
Purple Green 1
Purple Yellow 1
Red Yellow 2
Red Purple 1
Red Blue 1
Blue Purple 0
Red Green 0
Role #
Generator 11
Striker 10
Support 4
Warlock 1
Warmaster 2
Warrior 1
Assassin 0
Defender 0
Mage 0
Adana 1
Blackhawk 1
Blighted Lands 1
Bright Forest 0
Broken Spire 0
Darkstone 0
Dhrak-Zum 0
Divinion Fields 0
Divion Fields 1
Dragon’s Claw 1
Drifting Sands 1
Forest of Thorns 1
Ghulvania 2
Glacial Peaks 0
Grosh-Nak 1
Karakoth 0
Khaziel 1
Khetar 1
Leonis Empire 2
Maugrim Woods 1
Merlantis 2
Mist of Scales 2
Pan’s Vale 0
Pridelands 2
Shentang 0
Silverglade 0
Sin of Maraj 1
Stormheim 1
Suncrest 0
Sword’s Edge 1
Urskaya 1
Whitehelm 1
Wild Plains 1
Zaejin 2
Zhul’Kari 0

Tbh for me, the combo of Crys Turtle, Corpse Mare and Tigraki Warrior is so hard to break. The temptation here would be to use the Steed in slot 1, for armoured and involve a purple troop.

However that combo up top takes some beating, so I just put it in last slot, create the purple anyway and convert it to brown for TW.

Mercy and Valraven, you could lose a Valraven on AI turn 1 if that goes off, especially if it pops for The Devoted.

I’m not sure that is a good thing to do, but Devs have never responded to 1 query about Bounty since inception.

We also could have had Paladin in the T20 battle, thankfully we didn’t.


It’s extra grindy because Dread Steed doesn’t actually do anything immediately. It death marks and then makes a very low amount of purple gems (9 minimum, assuming the target can be death marked, up to 18 if the entire enemy team is death marked).

That means you’re spending a troop slot on something that you’ll basically never cast. Tigraki doesn’t use purple mana. Excavator does, and he makes red gems. So now you’ll be casting Dread Steed to fill Excavator to fill Tigraki. That’s grindy.

Consider other bounty troops. Crysturtle was amazing, because it was a chosen color converted to brown, so you could plan 4+ matches. Corpse Mare was great because it was stealing life (worked well to finish off things that Tigraki didn’t kill).

But creating random gems in a small amount (9) is dangerous – you might just give the enemy the 4+ match instead. At least with Excavator, for instance, you can choose the column with the most brown gems to destroy. Find a column with 3-4 brown gems and you’re making 11-13 red gems, that’s a lot given that you also remove an entire column and gain the mana from that.

So yes, it’s grindy, because Death Mark is unreliable, and 9 gems is unreliable.


Yeah… that’s the problem. We all know Dread Steed is not that good, so no reason to cast it. Get get it on the bottom, never touching it, and use it for its score boost only.

I use Cysturtle/Tigraki Warrior/Rift Lynx/Captain on this one, and will like be using it again in the future. Even if they released a Brown Firebomb as a bounty captain, it still won’t affect my gameplay. Scaling true damage work so well, no reason to change.


At least the level 20 team doesn’t have an empowered cleanser, who converts the color your captain creates. I mean, that’d kinda suck.


I lost a valraven after Mercy’s first cast, he was on first slot and got filled and cast and flew right away.


Turtle/Tigraki/Lynx is my go everytime.


I’ve also lost a bird. Very frustrating

Yes it’s very poor that this can happen.

Devs really should consider this when selecting troops and remove the possibility, imho.

It didn’t happen for me but it did fill in top slot once in turn 1 and 2nd slot once. I was very fortunate that on both occasions I already hit it with TW and Turtle was full and could keep the turn converting enough brown for TW again.

As bounties go, Dread Steed is close to the Hall of Shame where Mecha Rat sits on first ballot😀

I think it’s not the worst troop, but creating a L20 where there are two troops with cleanse all, gives it Hall of Shame credentials…

Posted 30ish minutes after reset.

Evidently I don’t need a better team. Just lower expectations from bounty events I guess. :man_shrugging:

After so much time they took to get 5.0 out I would prescribe lower expectations for the whole future of the game.