Bounty Weekend - Dread Steed

I actually enjoy the Campaigns.
And due to C-19… my expectations from patches were already lowered so no biggie on that end.

It just seems the overall design choice for bounties is to make them take as long as possible.

If they want the event to be based on time then it should deduct points from every turn you make similar to GW. Make it an actual game event that way.

Since clearly the intent isn’t to release troops that allow us to alter the design of builds all that much.
I mean…

Who the Frank designs bounty troops and makes sure certain colors aren’t used?
Leaving any color out of their future plans on purpose just shows how ignorant whoever in charge of it is.

The true “bounty” of it is to find a way to make it fun. Something most of us fail to do. Instead we just get through it.

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I’ll again pull the same string of this lyra: Their art director doesn’t pay attention to the kind of art they are paying for and simply pushing it into the game.

So actual plans for interesting sinergies, color distribution, power level and other things that could be done specifically for bounties are probably VERY LOW on their priorities.

Sometimes it really feels like their mindset is:
“Why even change? Players will be forced to consume this :poop: if they want to have ANY reasonable chance of completing their collections of troops before we pull the plug on this game.”

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Whoa, y’all have the wrong teams. I’ll post some Bounty Teams for y’all later.

It’s too late. Do not bother.

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Anyway, the team is Pharaoh Hound, Yao Guai, Excavator, and a bounty captain.

So not a full bounty team.

Yeah, full bounty teams tend to pale in comparison to builds that are not.

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Yes, not a full bounty team but, it’s the quickest.

It’s not the quickest way to get points for the fewest possible gems.

EDIT: Would also like to point out that, if you’re going to go for fast rather than efficient you’d be well-served to grind some Class XP while wielding a doom weapon, key, or some other similarly-strong weapon. That’s what I do to level things up, since I get the bounty captain to Legendary just because and that is more than enough sigils to get all rewards even after sacrificing 20% of potential points (as long as you don’t lose birds). Better than Yao.


Your team scores 20% less points than the ones you were saying “we were wrong for using”.

Are you that confident that it’s 21% faster than our builds?
Because if it’s just 20% faster then the matter is null.


Thanks… Now in the history books it looks like I just repeated what you already said about the 20%. Since your comment grew from 10 words to 10 sentences.

Basically you stole all my likes and therefore I’ll starve from the lack of stranger approval tonight.
Also known as the life force of 2020.

To those who read this seriously…I thank you. Truly. :grinning:


Very sorry, truly :joy:

I think I was just so flabbergasted at first that I blurted out the first sentence. Which then I thought tonally sounded too mean or not thorough somehow.

So I elaborated as I am wont to do :rofl:

I talk too much, and the covidpocalypse has made it worse, it seems :sweat_smile:

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I tend to use a full bounty team when ramping up to the tier 20 battle, then switch to a x24 team with one non-bounty card to finish the rest of the event. It doesn’t score quite as many points, but it makes the event seem way less grindy and it gets me to the last reward tier fairly quickly.


Yup, waaaaay faster.