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Bounty Weekend - Blightwing

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/bounty-weekend-blightwing/

New Bounty Troop: Crysturtle The Blightwing from Blighted Lands, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Blightwing will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

Something seems mixed up. Russian ability name in the German version of the game. :upside_down_face:

So if blightwing kills the enemy there is no explosions? Working as intended?

Also, harpys are spawning fully traited. I thought that was fixed?


I thought that was the fix—that the period of time when Harpies would spawn with only two traits was the bugged state. It would be nifty to get an official confirmation/denial of this, though.

Blightwing doesn’t explode gems if he kills an enemy. Exploding occurs only if enemy survive the attack.
It seems like a bug because this doesn’t stated on the ability tab.


26 bounty troops available now.
Still don’t have a single blue and purple Mana type bounty troop.

So basically those who design bounty troops are trying to keep teams as Mana blocked as possible. Hardly seems accidental or ignorant at this point.


Kafka working as intended logic no doubt.

Dead enemies aren’t burned or diseased. But dead stunned enemies are still stunned. :unamused::unamused::unamused:


I’m collecting data on the summon rates of the troops at L20.


Harpy Mage was 1:1 for summoning a Bladewing. Lyriath was 1:1 for summoning a copy of my first troop. Bladewing summoned a Harpy, 1:1, thereafter 17 turns, 3 Harpies.

I’ll release the full results when Bounty is over.

Edit - well, I ended up not even spawning any more Harpies other than 0 more in the above game from 4 chances.

Obviously low sample data, but it’s real data from the event.

So, 21 Turns, 3 Harpies Spawned -. 13+% spawning
9 Troops killed, 2 Bladewings Spawned. 22.22% spawning
15 Casts of Lyriath, 5 copies of troop 1 made, 33.3% spawning
0 Casts of Bladewing.

Tier 5, 1 blue orb.
33 Battles after completing L20 - 9 Valravens - none missed. 2 Sigils left.



Margin for error, 2 missed Valravens. I nailed down on stopping Harpies spawning by diverting attention to killing Harpy Eagle early with 1 cast of Tigraki Warrior and 1 Corpse Mare, or killing Lyriath if I filled very quick, leave Eagle to block the summons etc.

You could make it more reliable by using Amuru on Harpy Mage, but Corpse Mare is a very good bounty troop and gets my vote every bounty. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps with Harpies.


I typically buy T4 from the shop and then use an orb to ascend to Mythic. This time I am forced to buy T5 to get to legendary, am I confused yet again or is this a change?

That only works with invasion or boss, never with bounty. Legendary here was allways T5.


Thank you @Live, I assumed I did not get this right… After I posted that I realized that I always bought T7 so I could use weaver to blow this event up without issue…

I was really excited to use this troop in my front line. Match some skulls, then hit them with its ability and explode 6 gems, awesome! Wait, nope, enemy troop is dead, explode 0 skulls. How dumb is that… Here’s what’s really infuriating about it. How many ways are there to apply the necessary disease and burning from bounty troops? Let’s go over the negative effects that bounty troops can do:

  • Amaru applies a curse, stun, and poison with ability
  • Fangblade applies a disease and poison with ability
  • Ice Wraith applies freeze with ability and skull damage
  • Parrot applies silence with ability
  • Sister Superior dispels and stuns daemon/undead with ability
  • Urska Druid applies entangle with ability

And now we have Blightwing which applies disease and burn with skull damage. So the only way to burn enemies is to match skulls with Blightwing in front, and the only way to disease enemies is to either match skulls with Blightwing in front or use Fangblade. That means the set up for Blightwing exploding gems is incredibly tedious:

  • If Blightwing is in front and you deal skull damage to the enemy, you can then use its ability and if the target is still alive, you’ll explode 3 green, 3 red
  • If Blightwing isn’t in front, you’ll need to use Fangblade to apply the disease to any target
  • Then you can use Blightwing to target that enemy and if the enemy survives, you’ll explode 3 green gems

The only possible way to explode 3 red gems is if you skull match with Blightwing and then use Blighted Burn on the same target and it survives.

Talk about a letdown. Why even bother? The whole point of the troop is to put it in front, match skulls, use the ability to finish off the troop in front, get the 6 gem explosions, then maybe get more match skulls on a cascade and loop it. But you can’t do that, because if the troop dies, you get no explosions.


If Blightwing’s spell is working as intended, it’s a poor and convoluted design that makes little sense in addition to spell description that fails to mention this essential fact that enemy must be alive after the attack for explosion to work.
If the spell is bugged…well, it’s nothing new, nothing we haven’t witnessed tens and, possibly, hundreds of times before; as officer Barbrady would say: move along, nothing to see here.

(My logic suggests the spell should be bugged, though.)


Well, the final battle shuffles my team so much, it doesn’t matter if Blightwing is bugged or not, the fire and or disease will cleanse by the time it’s ready to cast…

I’ve been using Bwing, Tigraki, Half Mane, and Wood Rhynax…might not be the best but no Ravens flew away yet.

I wish Rhynax converted a selected color instead of Red to Green, obviously. Or even make it Blue to Green. Who uses Blue? Other than @Jonathan? Oops, off-topic. I guess I’ll move that to feature requests.

gl hf

Type #
Beast 13
Elemental 5
Knight 3
Daemon 2
Human 2
Monster 2
Raksha 2
Undead 2
Divine 1
Dragon 1
Dwarf 1
Mech 1
Merfolk 1
Naga 1
Urska 1
Wildfolk 1
Color1 Color2 #
Red Brown 5
Yellow Blue 4
Brown Yellow 3
Yellow Green 3
Blue Brown 2
Green Brown 2
Brown Purple 1
Green Blue 1
Purple Green 1
Purple Yellow 1
Red Yellow 1
Red Purple 1
Red Blue 1
Blue Purple 0
Red Green 0
Role #
Generator 10
Striker 10
Support 3
Warlock 1
Warmaster 1
Warrior 1
Assassin 0
Defender 0
Mage 0

I’ve gotta hand it to the devs for this bounty, it’s one of the most annoying bounties I’ve ever done, hands down.

Enemy knockback? Check.
Enemy life gain? Check.
Enemy summoning? Check.

Now, I’m honestly not having a problem at all with it. I haven’t missed a single raven and I haven’t lost a battle yet. But goodness it is annoying. My team is the following:

  1. Tigraki Warrior (Red/Brown)
  2. Soldier of Wrath (Red/Blue)
  3. Corpse Mare (Yellow/Blue)
  4. Blightwing (Green/Brown)

I wait for Harpy Eagle to pull my Blightwing to the front, then I kill it so it doesn’t pull anymore troops out of order. Next I kill Lyriath because the life gain and summoning is incredibly annoying. Around this time my Blightwing will die and of course 25% chance to summon a Bladewing on Harpy Mage is more like 100%…

Speaking of that, Harpy Eagle also has Eagle Eye and Agile, so it hits like a truck but dodges everything (their 20% is like The Matrix and my 20% dodge is like a giant red bullseye).

Regardless, the true damage from everything but Blightwing is just too much for them. Occasionally you’ll get a few skull matches for Blightwing to use its ability to explode and sometimes it even loops. That’s pretty fun


Crysturtle is quite the popular bounty troop.

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The Harpy spawning on Level 20 is simply insane as you indicated. As such, after 4 agonizing victories on Level 20, I started farming Level 19 instead. It is infinitely faster and easier. It should provide enough points to complete the event as long as I don’t miss more than one or two Valravens.


My 1st attempt at level 20, using a 4x bounty team turned into a 10 minute battle.
Failure vs success
Take out Harpy Mage 1st, otherwise you could be doomed.

This opposition set up is “interesting” for sure. But despite instakill and harpy spawns it’s still the same old gig and the same old team will prevail to 20 without any need to spend gems maxing the so called new bounty troop. I use the same x24 team every bounty and get the rewards ONLY that buying a single copy of the new boy requires. I am not falling into the gem trap…same team for at least 6 months now
Lvl 20 no issue at all if you are smart with medals (I don’t have a single nysha medal and seasons is also unecessary).