Boredom of the game

It is so hard at higher levels to get any kind of materials that you need to level your kingdoms people don’t play as much and become bored with the game and go on to find something else Sometimes they come back sometimes they don’t you could have so many more people stay with this game if it was somewhat easier to obtain things to level up your Kingdoms at higher levels


Conversely people would quit if everything was so easily attainable. People forget this is a game designed to make money and ask for literally everything to be easier. You dont make money on a product people can easily consume and move on.

The endgame is drastically different from early, game as it should be. You shouldnt be handed everything just because youre bored. This is only gonna belay the boredom for 10 minutes after you get it all. Look at people that complain about lack of content 10 mins after the kindom pass (or whatever) comes out and they’ve bought everything so they can go back to using the same team they’ve been using to do pvp for the last 3 months.

Look at everything that gets added and see how fast people complain about boredom or how it takes too long to get dragonite because you can’t have it now.

If you’re bored of the grind play a game that isn’t a grind, it was that way when you staryed and i feel it should stay that way


I address the the things I see people usually talking about within the game on here weather I obtain things or not within this game is not going to affect weather I play or don’t bottom line it’s just a game .

If it was easier, everyone would finish it - and then?


Daeron: While I think, I would agree with your points, isn’t it somehow weird, that we are talking about lack of content, too much grinding or endgame gameplay in something, that, at its core, should be a casual match 3 game? I feel like at some point, this thing went horribly wrong.

Also, Sloth, “free” games like this one can, by design, never be finished, they just run out of things to do. If you ever reach the epilogue and end credits, I’ll be happy to be proven wrong.

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Idunno feel like if you want casual match 3 you should be playing Bejeweled or Candy Crush or Best Fiends


I meant, everyone would fully upgrade their kingdoms, not finish the game per se. Then they would complain about lacking motivation to keep playing.


I personally don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with it. We need to have some harder goals at endgame. I like it.