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Bone naga vs Archer class

Is it intended that Bone naga kill my hero when the 15% instakill happen?
It happened to me on 1st turn of the battle, my hero had only around 30 attack. I made a skull combo against a Bone naga and both troops were killed!

My guess is that its not intended to work like that. Maybe a dev could enlight me?

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Bone Naga has Infernal Armor as a trait which reflects 25% of the damage.

My assumption is insta-kill removing shield and health from Bone Naga mounted up to 25% of your heros shield and health or the insta-kill mechanic assumes the damage is 999 and also killed your hero but the latter needs clarity from someone who knows better.

It cant be the 1st option I think because The Bone naga had a total health of 140. 25% of 140= 35. My hero had more health than that as it was the 1st turn of the battle. Its probably your 2nd option that is happening. Now the big question, is it intended to work like that? I doubt it.

Insta-kill has always been coded by dealing 999 damage. It was a convenient shortcut I think in the old adobe game code, and appears to have been (intentionally or otherwise) in the unity build. Oops.

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Ok thanks for this info. So a troop with 1000 life points and 1000 armour would still be alive after receiving instakill from Archer?

Maybe it was coded as 9999 damage? Surely the devs considered the possibility that something could be buffed to maximum. (???)

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So pre-stroke Fizzbang could get effective instakill immunity by buffing herself to above 500 HP/Armor? Neat.