Archer class/Bone naga

Hello everyone,
Is it intended that Bone naga kill my hero when the 15% instakill happen?
It happened to me on 1st turn of the battle, my hero had only around 30 attack. I made a skull combo against a Bone naga and both troops were killed!

My guess is that Lucky Patcher its not intended to Kodi work like that. Maybe a dev could enlight me???/

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The lethal damage dealt by your hero gets treated as the highest amount of damage possible in the game, 15% of that getting reflected back is still enough to kill almost anything.

Kinda what ^^^^ is saying.
The highest amount of damage in the game is 1000 attack so 25% of it is reflected back to your hero .

To me… It doesn’t make sense. Specially when it triggers on a troop with barely any life left. But as far as I’ve heard. This is working as intended.

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The devs think its funny when that happens.
Its dumb that it works that way, and no other spell or damage effect works similarly.