Bone Dragon in 1.0.9

Has anyone else noticed that Bone Dragon becomes more powerful as you advance in PvP rank?

What do you mean, his stats don’t change. Are you saying the RNG gets more lucky/unlucky?

You are probably playing people with more kingdoms unlocked and therefore more armor for the dragon to scale on


I agree with Mufasha. As you increase in ranks, you are fighting teams with more and more armor for Bone Dragon to feast upon… cacklemuhaha

Well, exactly. I mainly use good old BD-Gr.Slime-Valk-KoS team, but when I expect weak opposition I switch BD to Skeleton - BD backfires too often when you use it against a troop with 10 Armour or so.
There’s another paradox here - PvP on higher difficulties become somewhat easier when using BD, for the very same reason. Personally I use Warlord 1 right now, as going higher is a bit too much for me, but this additional 25% enemy Armour often helps…