Bombot flavor text

I just noticed that there is no flavor text for the bombot troop.
May I suggest “Somebody set us up the bomb?” :wink:


While I love the reference, Bombot should already have flavour text: Tick, tick, tick…

With the UI change, you never see troop flavor text anymore, so I’m not sure that it really matters.

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How do you mean? It’s still where it always was in the troops menu.

Troop menu, yes, but it never shows up after battle anymore, which was the only place I ever really saw it.

Point being: I miss seeing the random flavor text after battle.


Odd… now it shows up.
I could swear it was missing earlier… ah well.

Bomb #20, you’re out of the bomb bay again…


You are not crazy. Great suggestion for BB’s flavor. Good laugh to start my morning :slight_smile:

Nitpick: the original mistranslation is “somebody set up us the bomb”. The misplaced preposition is some deliciously poor grammar.

For the unfamiliar, here is the full intro. The most famous lines are near the very beginning.

Personally, I got rather sick of seeing “definitely not a ginger” after every battle.


You should try using a different team occasionally! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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