Blue screen of death

@Shiratori reported a couple days ago this issue.

When you log into the game, you immediately get thrown out and shown an error message. It’s been 10 hours and uninstall/reinstall does absolutely nothing.

@Shiratori reports the issue “solves” itself on server reset. All I have to say is that it better…

Well it did again for me.

My best guess is that because the daily bonus kicks in, that process occurs before anything else and your account gets synced in the process. Wish I knew what caused it though.

Last weekend that happened to me, 2 seconds after loading that error happened everytime. After 15 hours that error disapeared and was all good. Just be patient

Or open a ticket at 505 Games asking for support .

I did. They said all that could be done is wait.

I’m never closing the game during the day again.

Now i can´t play the game. For the last hour a blue error screen comes up when the game is finished loading.

It’ll correct itself when the server resets for the day

Reset server ?? You mean this afternoon ? If I can’t play untill this afternoon I swear I’ll QUIT !!!
after what i experienced two days ago (purchasing gems and had to wait for support to get them), plus this bug that comes VERY OFTEN. I’m asking myself many questions !!!
Is the game become self aware or something ?
How come can this game decide who plays and who won’t ???

You’ll have to wait until the daily bonus which should be in 7h 40m from the time I post this. Sadly nothing else works and the fix is just for this instance only.

i know what time the daily bonus is, I just said that it doesn’t work before this I WILL QUIT. I have had enough of being stopped to play by a game. I HAVE to spend time on the game for my Guild, I’m a BIG player, so i CANT accept this unjustified loss of time !!!

I’m assuming you put in a support ticket, and are not just relying on capital letters and repeated exclamation marks to expedite your recovery.

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Of course I did … Who do you think I am ?

This has just happened to me too, for the 1st time. Is this a regular thing then?

I don’t like what I will tell you at all, but YES it is pretty regular. And Unfair to prevent people from playing, I could have made 100 trophies since 16h I couldn’t play that’s just unfair imho

I also opened a ticket regarding this issue, and got a prompt reply, stating that they are taking all players details affected by this and investigating how the error is caused and how to fix it.

So rest assured the matter should be resolved soon, and try not to take it so personally! It’s not like a bouncer is refusing to let you in based on how you look - it’s just an annoying glitch that they’re currently investigating.
It’ll all be over soon. :slight_smile:


Not you too fire?? Oh, hows the hand going?


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9.5 hours from now approximately. Should be good again

I’m not taking it personnally, even for you It’s unfair towards competition, dude. For everyone it’s unfair to be stopped from playing randomly !
that’s why I’m done with this game

I also had the blue screen of death last night. Hopefully they get a fix for this soon.