Blue screen - Error CE-34878-0 - FIXED

Game is crashing 10 seconds after loading .I did restart my console a few times, powered off, logging off/on also. I gave it a break playing a different game. Still nothing. Any advice please ?.. Thanks.
Btw. I get error CE-34878-0
Reinstalling the game did not helped.
*** update - It seems that the game is stuck on the server side, not syncing my last in-game actions, so I’ve decided to open a ticket with 505 Games. I guess that i wont play the game for a couple of days since is holiday. Happy 4th of July to y’all !

I seem to have the same problem now as well.

My game also wont load. I’m met with a blank black screen? Wtf

Yesterday, 15 hours ago i was playing fine on my PS4, finaly bougth my dragon armor and quit the game. Now everytime i start the game, after the loading screen i enter the game and 1 second on the kindom map the game crashes with this error. If i delete my save file the game crashes on the loading screen instead. Tried reinstaling with no results. DEVs HELP! A response would be apreciated. Thanks.

Anyone knows how to fix this or got a reply from the devs or 505 games? Im hooked to this game but cant play it because it always crashes 2 seconds after i enter the game kingdom map, i even can move the cursor and go to the troops menu in those 2 brief seconds before it crashes. Any feedback?

Sorry to hear that. You’ll get a reply from the 505Team. Just be patient.

There’s no workaround with this issue. You bought an item from the shop, quit the game, and have been unable to play it since. That’s an awful bug only they can tackle.

I’m sure your progress is safe and sound. Try playing something else while waiting for their reply.

Got it fixed . The 505Team are awesome .Thank alot guys.


Yup, i can play again, does not crash anymore with this error. Awesome support.

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Got same problem. How can I call to support?

Support tickets can be submitted here:

The same problem here. Still waiting for responce from support till yesterday.