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43 hours of error codes and now screenfreeze. Plz help

Hi, the game is simply not working today. I been trying to play, but for the last seven hours the game shuts down when it´s done loading.
When is this gonna be fixed?
I am on ps4

I’m also on ps4. The game is loading after 3-4 minutes of black screen.

It´s been 10 hours now with this errorcode: ce-34878-0

Is there a timeline on when the game is working again?

This seems to be a random error on ps4, last weekend happened to me. After 15 hours that error disapeared.

Ok, well i have never tried this before. And i have played it quite alot.

Based on the current time it should fix itself in 23 minutes.

I hope so. I need my fix :slight_smile:

If it happens the only thing that straightens it out is the daily bonus award. Which should be live now so good luck.

It´s working :yum:

No it´s not working :angry: Now i get screen freeze instead. Then i reboot the game and it freezes again.

That though is something different. You probably want to contact 505 support for that.

Yeah i should, but they did not help me or even try to help the last time i contacted them.
So contacting them won´t do any good.

Well maybe it will fix it self at some point. Hope so

The game does not work at all anymore. Last night i got into the game for 2 minutes and lost a 1000 glorys.
Today i can´t play the game again.

And the support is at zero. I can´t help to begin getting a little annoyed…

If the game loads at all it just freezes after it starts up.
It started after i had a day with the blue error screen. So it just seems broken now.

Game has been really struggling all week with error codes, not connecting, freezing, shop not showing, event troops not showing etc etc

Edit: mine is now unplayable due to constantly losing connection

Almost two days now. Still no support or help.
Am i supposed to move on to another game now, since i get the silence treatment? 505 also does not help.

If i am lucky and the game loads, then it just freezes strait away.

Keep contacting 505 games
put in a ticket. You should here back from them in the next 15hours. Still Sunday and most places are not open on that day.

@Mr.Strange any help for the OP?

Your postings lead me to believe that you’ve not submitted a bug ticket - is that true? Because that’s the only way to get help, other than hoping that someone like me happens to read your thread.

We have hundreds of thousands of players on PS4, and almost none of them are having this problem. So it’s something uinque about your account, or your network configuration, or a hardware issue, etc. Until you identify what is making the game behave differently for you than for everyone else, we don’t even know where to start!

Contact 505 support - their job is helping your figure out what makes your situation unique, and broken. That’s a critical first step.

Also, weekends can be slow turnaround.

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I submitted a ticket two days ago.
All other games works fine. And i never had this problem with this game before.
I am almost level 600. But now it seems ill be moving on. Not because i wanted to. But because the game aint working, and there aint no support.

Two days ago was Friday. I suggest you wait until tomorrow before you give up.


The guys at 505 games are not even in the office yet. Give it like 12 more hours and you should get a reply.

Unfortunately for you @Hejsa it looks like you contacted them just before they were about to start there weekend.